PC Games

Today, the game industry is experiencing its golden age. Developers do not get tired of pleasing us with new projects, and players look forward to each new release. In this article, we will look at the most anticipated PC games in 2023.

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“Last of Us on PC 

“Last of Us, one of the most popular games for PlayStation, will finally be released on PC in 2023. Players will travel to a post-apocalyptic world infested with a mushroom zombie epidemic. Players will control the main characters, Joel and Ellie, and fight for survival in a world full of danger. One of the innovations for the PC version is the improved graphics, high-resolution support, and updated gameplay.

Resident Evil 4

“Resident Evil” is another iconic game that will get a new installment in 2023. “Resident Evil” is a series of horror and survival games where players have to fight infected monsters and explore mysterious locations. The latest installment in the series promises new features, such as a wider selection of weapons and improved graphics.

Baldur’s Gate

“Baldur’s Gate” is an RPG that was originally released in 1998. It was critically acclaimed and won many awards. In 2023, the developers will release a new part of the game, “Baldur’s Gate III,” which will be available on PC. It promises to continue the tradition of the previous parts and offer new features, including a more interactive game environment and improved graphics.

Stalker 2

“Stalker 2” is a survival adventure game that unfolds in a mysterious area where a disaster has occurred, causing mutants and other dangers. Players will have to fight for survival and explore the game’s world. “Stalker 2” promises to provide players with more interesting and dynamic gameplay, improved graphics, and new features such as the ability to create and improve their equipment.

Industry Developments in 2023

Advances in technology are also driving the creation of new game formats. For example, AR augmented reality games are already quite popular and promise to become even more accessible and immersive shortly. AR games can change the concept of traditional video games and open up new opportunities for players.

One of the most promising trends in the gaming industry is the development of artificial intelligence technology. Games with AI can offer players a unique experience and experience, as interaction with the virtual world becomes more realistic. In 2023, new AI games are expected to emerge that promise to be exciting and engaging for gamers.

Thus, the gaming industry continues to evolve and give us new opportunities for engaging pastimes. In 2023, we expect new games with exciting graphics and features, as well as new technology and game formats, to help us dive into unique worlds and enjoy the gameplay.


All in all, 2023 promises to be a bright year for the gaming industry, with many new games and sequels to legendary series. Whether it is a space adventure, mystical fantasy worlds, post-apocalyptic survival, or realistic combat adventure, in the new year, every gamer can find a game to his liking.