Even though Free Realms, the latest release from Sony, is a really successful MMO game, the company is still caring about their older franchises – EverQuest, for example. The fans of the game will receive a new expansion (the 16th!) titled EverQuest Underfoot, which is scheduled to hit the internet on November 24 this year. More details about this upcoming expansions below.

In anticipation of the Underfoot expansion, Sony will be starting three in-game events in a series aptly called “Road to Underfoot”. The first event will begin on August 12 and it will be called Giants, Giants, Giants. It will let you:

– Experience new adventures in Norrath: gather friends and slay some of Norrath’s most fearsome giant creatures.
– Encounter the greatest “big” foes of Norrath, from the Ancient Cyclops to the powerful Lord Brekt. Seek out Tzudani, Emissary of Veeshan, in the Plane of Knowledge to heed the call.
– Gain valuable rewards: the farther you get through the Giants event, the better your reward!

The other two pre-Underfoot events are scheduled to kick off in September and October, but no details on them were given, so all we can do is sit back and wait.