In the near future, it’s highly likely that the International Olympic Committee will consider adding eSports to the Olympic Games. After all, on the 18th of April, the Olympic Council of Asia announced that eSports would debut as a medal event, in the 2022 Asian Games. A move that has significantly increased eSports chances of featuring in the next Olympic games.

If you’re surprised that eSports are set to debut at the next Asian Games, you may have underestimated the size of eSports worldwide audience. In 2016 eSports worldwide viewership totaled around 214 million viewers. A fact that’s not surprising when you consider that over 20 million viewers streamed the 2016 International eSports Tournament. However, by far the most highly viewed eSports tournament of 2016 was a League of Legends tournament which drew a huge audience of 43 million viewers.

If the International Olympic Committee, aims to significantly increase the international viewership of the Olympic Games, it’s crucial to introduce new sports such as eSports that have a growing viewership. If you’re unfamiliar with League of Legends gameplay, League of Legends is a computer game in which teams which consist of five players, attempt to destroy their opponent’s base. A feat that’s easier said than done as each team has to fight their way past endless hordes of magical foes. To dominant League of Legends, individuals need sharp reflexes and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Another reason why eSports are set to debut in the Olympic Games in the near future is that eSports top stars have the ability to earn as much as traditional athletes. As an example, tournament prize pools can reach up to 20 million US dollars. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to read that there are hundreds of full-time eSports gamers, who make a full time living from online gaming.

The International Olympic Committee is also likely to introduce eSports into the Asia Olympics in Japan as in today’s digital society; the average individual will relate to eSports, having played eSports themselves. As examples, while some will play casual games such as Candy Crush, others play computer games such as League of Legends or console games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Even individuals who don’t see themselves as gamers may be classed as casual gamers. As an example, if you enjoy visiting online casinos such as the Old Havana Casino, which offers a wide variety of Vegas-style games, you can also class yourself as an online gamer!

Although you may never make it to the Olympics, to represent your country as an eSports competitor, you may win yourself a tidy sum. Are there any obstacles in the way of eSports becoming an official Olympic sport? Unfortunately yes, it may be difficult for the Olympic Committee to settle on a single game, to feature in the Olympics. There’s also the risk that if a specific game such as League of Legends is chosen as an Olympic sport, that the interest in a specific game may wane in the years to come. With another video game, becoming the number one video game in the world.

So if you’re keen to watch eSports as part of the Olympics, it’s well worth watching how well eSports integrates itself into the upcoming Asian Games. To see whether or not eSports have a fighting chance of debuting in the Olympic games.