The Holiday Tree has arrived in FarmVille and we all know that it’s actually the FarmVille Christmas Tree, but because of Zynga’s way of dealing with things and not wanting to upset those who don’t celebrate Christmas, they’re calling it the Holiday Tree. Either way, a name is just a name and we’re here to find out all the details about the tree itself, so read on this guide to the FarmVille Holiday Tree!

If you’ve played FarmVille at this time of the year last year, then you probably know already a lot about how the Holiday Tree works: you’ll start with a tiny looking little Christmas tree which will grow bigger and more beautiful as you collect gifts from your friends.

The easiest way to get more gifts is by receiving them as a free gift (so make sure you also send a lot in order to increase your chances) and there are 6 different types of gifts that you can send. However, the rewards do not depend on the color of the gift, so you can have only green gifts and still have a chance of winning all the goodies possible.

Except for the fact that there are a lot of goodies hidden inside the FarmVille Holiday Tree gifts, if you manage to collect 300 of them by Christmas, you will receive a special Golden gift box which holds a special prize (no details on that yet, though). You can start opening your Christmas gifts on the 24th of December and I hope you manage to get just as many as you’d love to!