I told you already that Zynga has released in FarmVille the Harvest Hoedown missions, but they didn’t come all by themselves: they followed the release of the Harvest Hoedown in FarmVille and I am here to share with you a complete guide to getting your Harvest Hoedown build and to the maximum level. It’s not going to be easy, but most good things in life aren’t anyway. Read on this guide to learn everything about the FarmVille Harvest Hoedown!

So, what is the Harvest Hoedown? It’s a new building – a special themed barn that, once built, allows you to collect Scrap Lumber from it (a new resource that will be used with an upcoming feature, the Bonfire Basket). Since we don’t know that much about this upcoming feature, all I can say is that you should collect as much Scrap Lumber from your Harvest Hoedown as possible, just to be safe.

In order to actually build the Harvest Hoedown in FarmVille, you will need to gather a bunch of building materials. For the first level, you need five each of the following:

– Bowls of Punch
– Bowls of Snacks
– Buckets of Paint

However, there is a total of six levels you can upgrade, and each requires more of the same materials:

For Level 2: 8 of each
For Level 3: 10 of each
For Level 4: 15 of each
For Level 5: 25 of each
For Level 6: 50 of each

The higher the level of your Harvest Hoedown in FarmVille, the more Scrap Lumber you get, so start asking for those materials ASAP!