The new year has started in CastleVille as well and this calls for a celebration. And Zynga knows to celebrate by releasing a brand new series of mission in CastleVille, the Castleberry Punch missions that I’m sure you will love to complete.

So if you’re curious to find out everything about the new CastleVille missions, read on this guide and enjoy! We’ll start with the first mission that has named the series!

CastleVille Castleberry Punch mission

– Have 20 Wood Logs
– Have 4 Copper Tubes (ask friends)
– Collect 20 Stone
Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP and 1 Super Chop

CastleVille Secret Recipe mission

– Craft 1 Punch Prep Table (craft in the workshop)
– Collect 8 pails of water
– Have 1 Kitchen
Rewards: 1,000 coins and 20 XP

CastleVille Getting Punchy mission

– Collect 20 Berries (clear Grass or Bushes)
– Gather 6 Yummhee Yeast (ask friends)
– Have 20 Honey (tend flowers in your kingdom)
Rewards: 1,000 coins and 20 XP

CastleVille Brew Love mission

– Craft 4 Castleberry Punch
– Earn 50 Reputation
– Buy 3 Sparklers (find them in the New Year’s Special tab in the Market)
Rewards: 750 coins, 15 XP

CastleVille A Spirited New Year mission

– Change your Avatar’s clothes
– Craft 1 Keg
– Visit the Duke’s Kingdom
Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP and 1 Castleberry Keg

A very nice series of missions, I must say that: not too difficult, because the year has just started and we’re not up for challenges, but not too easy to have us complete it too easy. I must admit that I really love CastleVille because of that!