As a viable sport of sorts, eSports have officially come full circle. As eSports continues its bold move into mainstream entertainment, the online gambling community has taken note. The online sports betting community has fully embraced eSports as a viable betting market with dozens of the world’s top online bookmakers actively posting odds on eSports leagues and tournament events.

It’s been an evolution of sorts. With each day, online and mobile gambling is increasing in popularity, also moving into the mainstream world of adult entertainment. Online gambling enthusiasts are alive and well with gambling access to almost anything imaginable. While one gambler is focusing on the fact Mobile casino kings covers all the newest slots , the next gambler is looking to bet on eSports. The intersection of eSports and online gambling seems like the perfect match, an evolution revolution of sorts.

While active sports bettors will generally grasp the idea of betting on eSports, eSports enthusiasts who want to bet on tournaments and league matches may be at a disadvantage from a gambling perspective. To help mediate some of the anxiety one might experience from putting hard earned cash on an eSports event, here’s a few simple betting and handicapping tips to consider:

Learn Before Leaping – Before you start placing meaningful wagers, learn about the wagering process. That includes understanding odds and how to place bets. On the other side, learn about the teams and players available to wager on. Learn the games they are playing. Ultimately, you’ll want to follow how each team and player does in competition. An educated bettor has a much greater chance for success than a bettor who is throwing darts at a wagering board.

Handicap Matches and Tournaments – eSports has been around long enough that data is available regarding player and team performance. A smart bettor will look for trends like particular players or teams that seem to be getting better at a particular game. Teams that handle pressure well should also become evident. You should use all available historical data to predict the future, and then bet the trends.

Information is King – eSports has a tremendous following all over the world. If you are serious about betting on league games and tournaments, read the blogs and news updates from popular eSports websites. You’re looking for information that could influence the outcome of a match. If a new player joins a top team, it could affect team chemistry. Something like this would be covered in the news. Before you invest your money, invest the time that’s necessary to make sure you aren’t missing key information.

Responsible Gambling – Anyone who spends hours a day gaming surely understands there’s a possibility of addictive behavior. Sports gambling are much the same animal. It’s your responsibility to gamble responsibly. That means never wager more than you can truly afford to lose. You take your paycheck, pay your bills, set aside some savings, and take you partner to dinner and a movie and if you have anything remaining, set yourself up with a gambling bankroll you can use to bet eSports.