Gamblers looking to invest their money in fun and rewarding online casino games should prioritize the very best slots found online.

Players tend to gravitate toward slot machines when they first enter casinos. Unless you’re a high roller and live for table games, it’s the natural toe-dip into a night of gambling.

Slots also take the least amount of skill or knowledge.

It’s true that they’re still not easy to profit off of. You have to pick the right machine, preferably play at one that offers awesome bonuses and also be willing to risk a good amount of cash.

The downside is a lack of control, though.

You have to sit next to people you probably would prefer not to and the entire scene can be less than ideal if you’re not a fan of smoke, noise and bright flashing lights. You also have to just roll with the games that are there and sometimes the slot you covet is occupied.

This all gives you good reason to just stay at home and play online. With so many online casinos to choose from and an endless supply of gaming options, it only makes sense.

If you agree, check out this list of real money slots:


Let’s start with the most beautiful woman ever (supposedly) and the slot named after her.

Cleopatra is a mysterious jaunt down an Egyptian lane that offers a return to player percentage of 95.02% and offers fun bonus rounds. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing slot, but the upside the free spins tend to offer make up for it.

This 5-reel, 20 playline slot has been a huge hit in Vegas and casinos everywhere, but it’s Egyptian culture can freely leak right onto your screen at home.

Mega Moolah

If you’re talking profit, you better include Mega Moolah, which has been handing out massive wins since it arrived in 2006.

This online slot lives up to its hopeful name, labeled as the “millionaire maker” thanks to its handsome jackpot rewards. Even if you don’t strike the motherload, you can still cash on this slot thanks to its free spins and fun bonus rounds.

You can play for a little or play for a lot. Either way, Mega Moolah is one of your better chances to win money playing online slots.


Don’t have friends or family around to play the popular board game? No problem, as there are several iterations available via online slots.

The best option is arguably the original Monopoly slot, which ignores crowd-pleasing aesthetics to deliver a slot equal to the original game. Loaded with awesome bonus games and the “Pass GO” bonus, there are so many ways to win – just like in the hit board game.

For those looking for better graphics, consider Super Monopoly Money Slot, which has a better feel and some nice interactive bonus options.

Deal or No Deal

You don’t get to actually meet Howie Mandel and chase money on live television, but it’s about as good when you play the Deal or No Deal slot.

This slot is like most others, but the goal is to tap into the bonus, which allows you to participate as if you’re actually on the show. There are doses of Howie, the models and even the music from the TV show as well.

As far as themed slots go, this is one of the most engrossing – especially if you keep finding a way to hit those bonuses.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

What’s a better themed game than Wheel of Fortune? A staple of casinos across the world, you can also access the popular Wheel of Fortune slot from the comfort of your own home.

This slot offers five reels and 30 playlines, giving users ample opportunity to tap into a slew of in-game bonuses. There’s no massive jackpot like you’d expect, but the bonus love is enough to keep you engaged and the familiar feel of Wheel of Fortune keeps you glued to the screen.


Robin Williams made Jumanji a fun franchise and both The Rock and Kevin Hart are working to inject new life into it. The movies were a hit and that’s played into Jumanji being one of the more popular online slot machines as well.

NetEnt produces 5-reel and 35 line slot machine that strews everything over the actual Jumanji board you see in the original 1995 film.

Talk about nostalgia.

In all seriousness, this slot pays perfect homage to the first Jumanji movie and also gives access to a ton of combos that can trigger all types of bonuses and free spins.


It doesn’t hail from a famous Hollywood film, but Starburst is still without a doubt one of the best online slots you’ll come across.

This is another NetEnt baby, which starts off as pretty simplistic from an aesthetics perspective, but pops out at you with beautiful color and a bunch of flashy combos.

It doesn’t look like much at first, but Starburst is actually really engaging and extremely sharp. Even if you don’t love the look and feel, you’ll agree the two bonus rounds take this slot over the top.


Lastly, there is Fortunium, which arguably has taken over as the very best slot you’ll find online.

Maybe that’s still Starburst to some or you’d vote in some other slots (there are so many), but Fortunium certainly has a case.

This is StormCraft Studios’ engine and it pushes the envelope considerably as a mobile option and also offers big wins.

Most gamblers will appreciate the latter and you can obtain that view just by hitting a few symbols. There’s greater heights to reach, of course, as the Win Booster feature, Mystery Symbol and wilds all play into crazy upside.

Throw in the free spin bonus and this is one of the freshest, cleanest and potential-ridden slots you’ll play online.

All of these slots are worth checking out. Whether they’re familiar, popular, beautiful or offer insane upside (or all of the above), they easily rank as some of the best online slot games.

As noted, there is an endless supply of slot machines to choose from and play online. If you’re an experienced player, you’ve played these and probably agree they’re staples. If not, they’re absolutely a great place to start.


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