Despite some differences in the rules, the base variants to play blackjack online can be found in almost every online casino across the Globe. The standard “21” was just the beginning. In the last several decades the number of its variations has increased dramatically.

These new versions were created to breathe new life into the old version and to make it more exquisite and exciting. They became popular not only in classical land-based casinos but also in online ones, where they are enjoyed and attracted by a variety of people playing directly from their living rooms.

We are going to present to you the best variants, which are played in land and online casinos. To play other games versions, you need to learn the basic rules of the game. These rules are not complicated, and most players can understand them within minutes.

Pontune Blackjack
Pontune is the British equivalent of the American “21”. It has much in common with its American brother, but there are a couple of features that make the game more interesting. The main difference is that participants can see one card before they make bets. They can also increase bets during the game.

Switch Blackjack
This game was patented in 2009 by Geoff Hall and quickly became one of the most popular blackjack variants that can be found in a variety of casinos, both land-based and online. It looks like a common blackjack; the difference is that each player has two cards, and they can be changed during the game.

Blackjack with Double Disclosure
This variant is the apparent favorite of the players. The fact is that this is one of the few variations where the players’ winnings increase. Due to this reason it is hard to find this version — casinos do not want to give players the opportunity to win more money. If you somewhere meet this version, consider yourself lucky and sit down to play!

Buster Blackjack
It is hardly different from the standard game, except that there is an opportunity to bet at any time before dealer’s failure. The more cards a dealer takes, the more tempting is the opportunity to bet.

Blackjack with Bonus
Like the Buster variant, the Bonus Blackjack looks like the classic version very much. But it has the option of an additional bet that gives the player a chance to break a good jackpot. It is played with two decks and this is the most popular version among professional and amateurish players who count the cards.

California Blackjack
California Blackjack was invented in the poker salons of Southern California, where the traditional blackjack was banned since a player played against the casino. Its peculiarity consists in that the role of the banker is transferred between the players, that is, each player alternately plays against the others. It appeared in Atlantic City and then moved to Nevada. Its success is based on the fact that players get a chance to double their bets by looking at the dealer’s primary card, and they are allowed to fold at any time. This kind of blackjack is sometimes known as Double Attack or Double Blackjack. In reality, this is the version of the Spanish game, named “21”, which became one of the prime varieties of blackjack.

Pitch Blackjack
Even if you have never heard about, you are familiar with it. It’s just a blackjack played with one or two decks. It’s got its name from the action that the dealer uses when handing over the cards. In the online version of Pitch is just a blackjack with one deck. Players counting cards like this game for being easy to follow cards. And it is for this reason that this version of the game is never found in most casinos.

Multi-Hand Blackjack
This game is one of the ground varieties of online blackjack. The initiators of the online casino noticed that the visitors like playing multi-hand video poker, and they decided to use that in blackjack. In the land-based casino, you can also play this game, but only if the table has one more seat next to yours. The online version has no similar obstacles, and you can play as many hands as you want.

Should you do not know what kind of blackjack game to chose, you can start from anyone which name you like more. In any way you will definitely have fun and entertain yourself.