Gaming takes you to a surreal world. To feel the beat, you need a GPU that is powerful and reliable. As a novice or an experienced gamer you would know AMD and Nvidia rule the roost. But, then again, there’s a lot more you need to know before making a pick. Finding the best graphics card for gaming might not sound like a cakewalk, so we make it easy for you. We suggest you check the specs of gaming before getting one. If you are a gaming enthusiast, Nvidia is the most sorted choice. But then again, it all depends on the kind of games you play and how often you play. 

This is an easy run-through to help you make a quick choice without any regrets. With an array of players in the market, making a choice could not be easy. Buying an individual SuperCard for gaming, you need to run a few checks on your screen resolution, cooling tools, and GPU lifespan. Most of the GPU must be able to run smoothly for at least three years or more. Cheaper varieties work great for the 1080p and top HD quality. Buying an independent GPU has numerous advantages and gaming enthusiasts feel joyful with the freedom that comes with numerous customization features. 

What to look for in a GPU?

One thing that is common knowledge about GPUs is that they generate a lot of heat as they are focused on processing complex tasks within a single task. It’s good to get into the nitty-gritty of what to look for in a graphics card so you know you have made the right choice. You can look at graphic card comparisons to know which specification suits your needs and budget. You wouldn’t need a high-end GPU unless you are a serial gamer, but the cooling tools and the power it handles are what you need to look into. It gives you an idea about how many cooling fans, gels, or tools you need to keep it running at optimal levels. 

Look for architecture or the technology it is built on. Cores or the processor numbers, the more the better is the performance and speed. Textile Mapping Units(TMU) is a parameter to look for as it gives you an idea of the number of pixels it displays per second. You want a graphics card that handles more pixels per second for crisp clarity. The higher value of clock speed means a faster GPU that can handle complex gaming tasks and applications. Technologies such as SLI or CrossFire let you use more than one card and power up their processing in tandem. 

Best 2070 Super Cards

NVidia GeForce RTX 2070

A delightful time for hardcore gamers as it is built with an innovative technology that gives mammoth power without making a noise. The architecture is named Turing as it is way cooler as it is a blend of gaming capabilities and ray tracing. The Nvidia graphics card for gaming best and a dream come true for every gaming enthusiast. The technological architecture creates a new path for creative applications and resolves most of the old problems with innovative solutions. It has revolutionized the entire interactive gaming experience making it cooler with its superior engineering and performance. 

It is built with an elegant aesthetic design and layout that does not make the fan look out of place. It is smaller than its predecessors making more room for other components to fit in. Built with more number of capacitors enhances its quality performance. The fan placement is smart as it pulls air from the outside and passes it onto the heatsink, which completely deflects from the standard blower-type of fans. The best-engineered cooling solution that comes with this card as it does not heat up other components at all no matter how long you run it for. 

Features and specifications

Architecture: Turing promises the highest performance leap comes packages in a compact size

Transistors: 10,800 million making a major leap in running it efficiently with less power

Core Speed: 1410 – 1620 MHz for superior performance and speed 

Multi-Instance GPUs: Every user and application get all the computational power they need from virtual GPUs making its performance super-fast

Tensor core: 288, for speeding up complex applications of AI, data analytics, etc

Video Memory: 8 GB GDDR6

Memory Interface Bandwidth: 448.0GB/s  to handle heavy-duty workloads effectively

Power: 185 watts 

  • Ultimate performance for high-end applications and gaming
  • Silent operation handling complex tasks
  • Smart cooling engineering
  • Elegant design and layout
  • Humongous software features
  • DLSS technology lets the gamers work on higher resolutions with the same frame rates thus boosting the frame rates with A.I
  • Ideal for 4k gaming
  • Powerful for ray tracing and 3D animation
  • No SLI feature
  • Expensive for a mid-range GPU

MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor

The best mid-range GPU for clarity, speed, and performance. Less noisy with excellent overclocking ability. It is great for 1080p or 1440p display. With super cooling technology and ray tracing support, this is the best graphic card for gaming PC. It performs as well as the Nvidia series. Work for long hours on high-end applications with this GPU as it comes with a top-notch cooling technology that keeps the heat out. The fans are in a silent mode when light gaming and make less noise during heavy gaming. 

The design and layout make it easy to find connectors and slots on the board. The complimentary power connectors let you add more power for extreme overclocking. The backplate acts as a passive heat sink and is made of metal. With a couple of customizations for LEDs and software, it makes for a great budget-friendly GPU with all the features and specifications for high-resolution gaming and graphic applications. 

Features and specifications

Architecture: Turing promises the highest performance leap comes packages in a compact size

Fans: Dual fans in different designs ensure silent gaming and optimized cooling

Aerodynamics: This technique is used to keep the heat out of the heat sink

Zero Frozr: Eliminates fan noise during operation

Custom PCB: The PCB design and layout is carved for high performance

RGB Mystic Lighting: Customization of LEDs for colors and effects

Cores: 2304 units, excellent for multi-threaded operations and high-speed performance of complex tasks

Maximum Memory: 8GB GDDR6 

Memory Speed: 14 Gbps

Power connectors: 8-pin x 1, 6-pin x 1

Maximum resolution: 7680 x 4320

  • Budget-friendly with excellent features for high-end gaming
  • Top performance for complex tasks and applications
  • Suitable for 4k gaming
  • Customizable features
  • Attractive design and layout
  • Easy to set up
  • High power consumption for multi-monitors


This GPU has everything you are looking for; 4k gaming capabilities, ray tracing, A.I tools, and VR gaming features. A complete solution for creative applications and gaming needs. Best graphic card for gaming 2020 with a support for more than 2 monitors. With tools and technology that boost the performance in low and high temperatures, this is the best GPU for gaming enthusiasts. Capturing screenshots with a resolution higher than the screen brings more joy and thrill to the gamers. Perform your everyday tasks as well as intense gaming effectively.

Customized features are umpteen and give you complete control to create an environment of your choice when gaming. Built with technology for supercooling and dust resistance, a GPU for gamers to vie for. A reliable and durable GPU that consumes less power and provides high-speed performance suitable to all environments. The design and technology are built to boost performance and comes with automation features that make it efficient and effective. 

Features and specifications

Architecture: Nvidia Turing suitable for intense hardcore gaming and creative applications

Direct x 12: Stunning visual effects and ray tracing techniques

Shadowplay: Record videos, screenshots, and live stream when gaming online and offline

Video Memory: 8GB GDDR6 good enough for complex tasks and gaming

CUDA core: 2304

Maximum Display Support: Upto 4 monitors

Memory Speed: 14000 MHz

GPU Tweak: Intuitive, customized hardware tweaking for boosting performance

Dual BIOS: Lets you toggle between silent and performance profiles

  • Excellent ray tracing and rendering features
  • Wide blade fans reduce noise levels
  • Intuitive fan technology stops spinning and speeds up detecting temperatures
  • Decent overclocking design
  • Built for aesthetics and stability
  • Bulky and expensive

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070

A mini GPU with top-notch features built on Turing architecture comes with many features ideal for creative applications and gaming environments. It has all the specifications and features you would find in a high-end GPU. A graphics card for gaming pc is cheap and reliable. Effective cooling that keeps the heat out and provides more airflow. 

A pretty straight-out-of-the-box card with no fancy features. A cost-effective GPU for great performance, speed, and cooling. A good card to go with if you are on a budget and do not wish to shell out money on extra features you wouldn’t use. It is best for daily use, graphic applications, 3D rendering, and gaming. It comes with a plastic shroud but is still durable and performs well under variable temperatures. 

Features and specifications

Architecture: Turing for optimal performance

Cooling System: Windforce 3x cooling system

Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels

Maximum Display Support: upto 4 monitors

Maximum Memory: 8GB GDDR6

Power Consumption: 650 watts

Memory Bandwidth: 448 GB/s

Power Connectors: 8-pin x 1, 6-pin x 1

CUDA Cores: 2560

  • Great for 4k gaming 
  • DLSS, SLI, and ray tracing features
  • Customized cooling keeps the heat out
  • Extremely durable and excellent overclocking
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Unique blade fan design enhances airflow
  • Decent RGB lighting
  • These features may become obsolete soon enough

ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super Overclocked 8G EVO 

A budget-friendly GPU that is a powerhouse of features and specifications for high-end games. Enjoy using efficient tweaking tools and software bundles to boost the performance of games. The best graphics card for gaming budget with just the right specifications you are looking for. It fulfills all of your gaming demands and 4k gaming solutions. With variable settings for frame rates from low to ultra, you can customize resources to utilize its specifications and tools to their best. 

It comes with a backplate that protects all of its internal components and a good airflow dissipating heat. The technology it is built with guards it from any kind of damage in different environments and settings. It resolves latency issues and lets you utilize its resources to the best of its use even in an idle state. With a good blend of style, aesthetics, and robust technology, this GPU is a high-performance, easy-on-your- pocket option to grab on to.

Features and Specifications

Architecture: Turing for efficiently processing heavy-duty and complex tasks with speed

Maximum Memory: 8GB GDDR6

Power Consumption: 280 watts

Axial Tech Fan: For increased airflow

0dB technology: Quite intelligence technology to let you enjoy silent gaming

G-Sync Technology: Smoother display without screen stuttering

GPU Tweak II: Easy to tweak critical and advanced parameters 

Auto-Extreme Technology: Single-pass soldering that reduces thermal strain

CUDA Core: 2560 for higher speed and performance

Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Maximum Display Support: Up to 4 monitors

Power Connectors: 1 x 8-pin, 1 x 6-pin

  • CrossFire support to maximize graphic boost
  • Comes with software bundle and tweak tools
  • Quantumcloud app to run app-based applications
  • One of the quietest GPUs
  • Budget-friendly with excellent features
  • Reliable and durable
  • Cheaper GPUs give similar performance


GPUs are essential for gaming and creative applications to run smoothly with speed and clarity. This article is a good guide for the novice as well as experienced game players to know what features and specifications to look for before buying one. Listed are the best 2070 super cards that fit the needs and requirements of every user. They are best suited for light and heavy-duty gaming environments. Enjoy creating 3D animations, movies, and doing any creative work that has complex tasks to perform. With these features, you will enjoy gaming as well as creative work in the graphics environment