An online casino and a security lock on it.

Reputable and trustworthy online casinos have official gambling licenses, which are issued by various authorities. Although the licenses confirm the safety and seriousness of the gambling platforms in question, different rules apply depending on the issuing authority. For example, some licenses require a player verification process, while others refrain from doing so and focus more on other areas.

Online casinos without verification

The possibilities of playing for real money on the internet are almost limitless. However, someone who is unfamiliar with the industry and is using a search engine to find an online casino for the first time may feel unsure at first, as the number and variety of providers requires some study. The offerings seem almost endless. This logically raises the question of which online fast payout casinos are some of the best and most reputable in their guild.

To answer this question, it is necessary to first clarify some of the differences. For example, license and related regulations play an important role. Accordingly, there are online casinos with and without verification.

Online casinos without verification – what is that exactly?

As the name already suggests, this type of online casinos do not require any verification of one’s person. Customers could basically play anonymously on the respective gambling platform. However, this processing does not entail a waiver. Video slots, blackjack, roulette or poker – all the classic casino games can be played normally.

No account has to be opened and no registration process has to be gone through before playing. Users keep their data with them. As a result, an online casino without verification will never send its customers advertising mails or anything similar. Misuse of the data is also virtually impossible.

Deposits and withdrawals at online casinos without verification

Anyone who thinks that an online casino without registration is risky in terms of money transfer is mistaken. On the one hand, the license and the respective regulatory authority provide the necessary security. On the other hand, only common and established payment methods are used for the transactions.

The most secure and popular payment methods in online casinos:

  • PayPal: The payment service from the US state of California is considered the co-founder of digital payment services and has held the status of top dog since its market entry. There is hardly a store or service provider on the net that can do without PayPal. Registering and setting up with the industry giant is both simple and intuitive. As a customer, you simply register with your personal e-mail address, select a password and leave your bank details or credit card – and that’s it. The data is securely encrypted by PayPal and therefore does not have to be re-entered each time.
  • Google Pay: There is hardly an area in which Google is not active. Therefore, it came as little surprise in September 2015 when the tech giant announced its entry into the payment services sector. Over time, Google Pay has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The payment service makes contactless payments available via app for all smartphones and tablets running Android. The payment service works closely with the entire service portfolio of the personal Google account. So anyone who has already parked all the relevant data and information with Google can pay online with just a few clicks. Direct debit, invoice or credit card can serve as the payment source.
  • Apple Pay: Apple has once again significantly upgraded its ecosystem with Apple Pay and provided its customers with their own online payment service that can be used via all of the company’s end devices. Whether with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac – the payment process only takes a few seconds and is processed via encrypted payment information.

Reasons for account verification at the online casino

1. Know Your Customer

One of the main reasons for the verifications is KYC. This abbreviation stands for Know Your Customer. At the latest since September 11, 2001, some websites have been suspected of enabling money laundering or even the financing of illegal activities such as terrorism.

2. Due diligence

However, casinos have a duty of care towards their customers. Gambling addicts or minors must be denied access. It must also be ensured that the laws of the country from which customers are using a casino are adhered to. Turkey, for example, does not allow gambling at all. To make sure that customers are not gambling from Turkey (for example, through a proxy), casinos can request documents in suspicious cases.

3. Verification of payments

It is also important to only use payment methods that run in your own name. Whether PayPal, credit card or Apple Pay: casino players should never deposit or withdraw with payment methods that do not run in their own name. In such cases, many casinos have simply closed the accounts and withheld the money. While this approach is legally in a gray area, even major industry players have resorted to such drastic measures in the recent past.

4. Preventing chargebacks

One particularly important point why many online casinos rely on verifications are the so-called chargebacks. A chargeback is a chargeback initiated by the customer. Especially with the PayPal buyer protection, this can be done quickly. Deposited money online, won nothing, and then also gambled away the bonus. The frustration is high. So why not contact PayPal and reclaim the amount? The same is true with deposits made with credit cards, the instant bank transfer. One call to the bank and the amount is credited back to your account.


Gaming platforms that require verification of their customers ask for details such as name, age, address and, of course, email address. Online casinos without verification do not require the transfer of such data.