As the new year starts, you’ve got left over Christmas money and you don’t know what to spend it on. Why not upgrade your gaming set up? Take a look at a few of our recommendations below:

Wireless gaming mouse
Into PC gaming? Treat yourself to a new gaming mouse so you can improve in your favourite games. Customise your mouse so it fits your hand perfectly, program the side buttons so you don’t have to reach for the keyboard, or just change the colours of the lights. Pick a high DPI so you can perfectly line up your shots. Check out Gear Hungry’s list of top gaming mouse’s, so you can decide on what mouse to get in the sales.

Gaming Controller Charging Dock
Constantly have to stop mid game because your Xbox controller batteries have run out of power? We have a solution for you. Pick up one of many Microsoft licenced rechargeable gaming packs for your Xbox controllers. If you haven’t already got a battery pack, get a charging dock in the sales to go with so you can charge your controllers. If you play ps4, don’t worry, they also make micro usb charging docks to charge up your controllers too. The best charging docks go for around £30 but in the January sales you may be able to get one cheaper.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Block out the real world with noise cancelling headphones. Plug into your TV and play your favourite tunes or just in game sound whilst you game. Why not get a pair of noise cancelling headphones with a mic so you can chat to your team mates whilst you game. We recommend a pair of Logitech G430 7.1 DTS. They have 360 sound so you can hear your enemies coming up behind you so you can be at the top of the leader board every time.

Wireless keyboard
If you’re upgrading your mouse, why not grab a matching keyboard to go with it. There are many different keyboard styles produced nowadays so get one that suits you best. Gear Hungry has a list of the top keyboards at the moment. All the features are listed so you can see if the keyboard has the features you’re looking for, before you start searching for it in the sales.

VR headset
Step into the future with a virtual reality headset. You can purchase a mobile compatible headset for around £15, however an official Samsung Gear headset can set you back between £60 to £120. These are perfect for a gift if you have any birthdays coming up. If you have a bigger budget, you can get an Oculus Rift system for around £400, but you may be able to find it cheaper in the sales. If you aren’t into PC gaming and still want to experience virtual reality gaming, PlayStation have released their own vr system for around £300 but you do need a PS4 and the VR system to be able to play any games.