How many times have you tried your luck at the online or real casinos with zero profit? Each of us did at least once. Seeing those successful high rollers who manage to hit six or even seven figures on the internet or TV makes us ask one and the same question again: what do we do wrong? Here is the short list of smart tips people follow to win an impressive bonus.

1. Emotions
Going to play – leave your emotions behind. Focus on the game and do not let anything distract you. Most of the casinos or online gambling platforms use bright colors to switch of the rational thinking. Count every step you take and every bet you place. All you should know is there are the bets to win and the bets to lose. Do not let them worry you anyhow. Take gambling like sport. When you feel you lose too much – stop. Or at least change the activity.

2. Bonuses
Do not miss a chance to get additional bonuses. 99% of all the new casinos, especially the virtual ones offer some extra payments to the newcomers. Most of them will offer an extra cash for a deposit. But if you want to get an online casino no deposit bonus – look for those that have opened recently. Higher payouts guaranteed.

3. High-rolling
This trick works for those who have really hard times. If you see the bottom of your bank account and that scares you – it is time to roll. Of course, if there is no other chance to load it fast. This trick works fine at the card table. Pro gamblers say that the feeling when you have nothing to lose ads more extreme to the game and makes people break their own records brining them impressive sums of money. It is either all or nothing. But if ‘nothing’ scares you more than low bank ratio – you should not gamble at all.

4. Card counting
That only sounds hard. One does not have to be a math wizard to keep that in mind. Casinos make us believe that is hardly possible for an average player. But if you try it once, playing black jack, you will keep counting till the end of the world. It helps concentrating on the game more than anything else does. After a few months you will probably predict the result after the first ten minutes if the game.

5. Proven systems
Use proven systems playing casino games. They high rocket your chances to win. For example, to win at roulette you need $113 and say goodbye to fun. Complete concentration and a checklist. People say that doubling every next bet works here fine. Professional gamers admit this system is 93% accurate.