You take your smartphone everywhere, so why not download some of the most popular game apps to entertain yourself when you are bored or when you want to have a few fun minutes to yourself. With so many games to choose from, you can definitely find a few that will suit your preferences, but below is a list of five iPhone games that are fun for both young and old.

1. Bejeweled
Bejeweled is a really fun and challenging puzzle game that requires that you match the various jewels on a board in a short amount of time. The more matches that you can make and the more bonuses that you can get, the higher your score will be. You can even connect with friends and compete against one another to see who is the fastest.

2. Rayman Adventures

01 rayman adventures
Rayman is a hugely popular and really adorable game that is available on consoles like the PS4, but you can now download the app and play this fun and surprisingly challenging game for all ages on your device. You’ll move through a variety of worlds as you work on setting Teensies free and collecting Lums while combating villains.

3. Angry Birds

02 angry birds
Angry Birds is still going strong, but now the levels provide you with even more challenges, as well as bonuses and extras that you can use to defeat the famous green pigs. This is an app game that is designed to test your skills, as you need to accurately launch the many different types of birds directly at the pigs to pass every level, and each level gets harder than the one that came before it so you can rest assured that it will remain challenging and fun as you progress through the game.

4. Farm Heroes Saga

03 farm heroes saga
Farm Heroes is another super cute game that is appropriate for gamers of all ages. This puzzle game, like Bejeweled, requires that you make matches of various farm crops, but this game is not timed, so you can take as long as you need to make all of the necessary matches to collect the number of crops required to advance. The graphics are adorable, and you can connect with friends via Facebook so that you can help one another move through the levels while comparing your scores to one another. With new levels continually being added, you’ll always be able to turn to Farm Heroes to get your mind off work or school.

5. Final Fantasy IX

04 ff9
Known as one of the best PlayStation games, Final Fantasy is available on your iPhone as well. If you are in search of something different from the games listed above, you can opt to download this RPG game that is loaded with action. Become your favourite characters and move through a variety of adventures as you advance through this really engaging virtual world.

With all of these entertaining games to play right on your iPhone, you can always have a creative and engaging way to pass the time while you’re out and about or at home.