tv apps

These days we are inundated with entertainment options. While the best way of maximizing your content selection is to invest in a streaming service or cable, these options can be pricey. Luckily, we now have access to a lot of free streaming apps that are perfectly legal. And if you don’t have a smart TV, you can use a TV box to stream these videos from your laptop straight to any television set. With this in mind, here are the top five TV apps to watch your favorite movies and shows without spending a cent.


One of the most popular TV apps out there, Crackle offers a blend of major films, as well as recent content and old school favorites like Seinfeld, Bewitched and All in the Family. This Sony app even features a few original series. It is also quite versatile, as you can access it through a smart TV, as well as various streaming devices such as Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and PS3. The app’s catalog is updated each month.


Not all of us realize that YouTube is about much more than silly dog videos and influencer advertorials. The streaming app also offers movies, full-length TV programs on pretty much any topic under the sun, music videos and news. Better still, you can subscribe to your favorite channels, make up playlists, and even add comments and share content with friends. Plus, it is compatible with most devices including tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. YouTube also offers a paid service called YouTube TV that allows users to access content from major networks.

PBS Kids

Why not download PBS Kids to ensure that your children are kept busy while you indulge in your favorite TV show. Both educational and entertaining, PBS Kids offers hundreds of choices for the little ones. The interface is ultra-easy to use, meaning that your kids won’t have any trouble accessing exactly what they want to watch. Plus, the app has no commercials, which is surely something every parent will appreciate. Some of the more popular videos on PBS Kids include Sesame Street and Curious George. PBS Kids can be accessed on smartphones and tablets but does not offer a download function.

Funny Or Die

If you like to have a good laugh then this one’s for you. Focusing on comedy programming, Funny or Die was founded by comedy aficionados Will Ferrell and Adam McKay way back in 2007. Today, the once small venture has grown into a production house that comes up with original content featuring some of the world’s best comedians. Best of all, the app lets users vote at the end of each video – everybody gets two choices: Funny or Die.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one to watch for big budget movies from major studios such as Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), as well as foreign and independent films. The  app’s extensive library of films is updated on a weekly basis. Since Tubi TV is supported by advertisements, you should expect to watch a few such installments during each film. Tubi TV can be accessed through smartphones and streaming devices such as Apple and smart TVs, Xbox and Roku.