Gambling has become one of the most popular industries in 2019. Everyone assumingly has gambled at least once in their lifetime, not necessarily through casinos. Even if you’d put a bet with a friend, that still counts as gambling. But there are some facts that you mightn’t never know about gambling. Below are 20 gambling & casinos facts that you probably didn’t know so far:

  1. Casinos were invented in Italy – the word casino came from the root Italian word ‘casa’, which means house. The first organised gambling establishment was created in Venice in 1638.
  2. The biggest slot machine win ever was on a slot called Megabucks that returned the crazy $39.7 amount to a LA software engineer.
  3. 84% of the gamblers are men, according to some recent studies.
  4. Mayme Stoker started the first casino owned by a woman in Las Vegas in 1931
  5. The highest amount won at an online casino was 18 million euros and the game that the person played was Mega Fortune, winning it within 30 minutes of playing. The lucky person was a resident of Helsinki in Finland.
  6. non Gamstop is becoming more popular – with ever increading numbes of online visitors chossing to try their luck on casino games online rather than going to a brick and mortar casino.
  7. Roulette was called the devil’s game in the early days, the reason for that was due to the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the wheel comes to 666.
  8. The first mobile casino was launched in 2004 by Microgaming.
  9. Microgaming was the first company to start offering online casino games.The site was called gaming club and put the foundation for the casinos that there are today.
  10. The first ever online poker website was called PlanetPoker and was created in 1998.
  11. The big majority of online casinos are not affiliated with live ones, each of the casinos have thir own type of customers. However, more recently, a lot of online casinos have started to offer ‘live casino’ options where you will see a real dealer in front of you.
  12. The commercial casinos industry in the USA is growing with $10 billion per year in revenue.
  13. Slot machines in the UK must pay at least 70%, so a machine needs to return at least 70p per each £1.00 played, a ratio which was set by the UK Gambling Commission.
  14. The first slot appeared in 1887 – its name was Liberty Bell and it was developed by Charles Fell who completed the slot & design in 1891.
  15. The longest poker game record is 8 years – There is no certain records of this, but in the Arizona’s of 1881 people played in the basement of a theatre for over 8 years. There were breaks but most of the players were playing almost 24/7 and more than $10 million were raked there.
  16. A man sold his house and played it all on a single roulette spin – the man put 135,300 pounds on red and thankfully, he won 270,600 pounds.
  17. Roulette’s biggest loser, Robert Maxwell, played at three tables simultaneously and lost 1.5m pounds in less than 3 minutes. However, the amount was easily covered by the multi millionaire businessman.
  18. A Hong Kong gangster lost most of his cash in a casino – Basically, the gangster made over $250 million in kidnapping ransoms but lost most of it in one casino. When he was caught, they discovered a plan to kidnap the casino owner.
  19. Casino Helsinki is the second biggest Finland casino and they donate all of their profits to charity.
  20. Mandalay Bay Casino from Las Vegas is named after Mandalay region of Myanmar – a land locked region without any bays.