Hot! Add More Neighbors for The Sims Social

As you probably know already, Electronic Arts has decided to put an end to our free time by releasing The Sims Social on Facebook, the cutest game that I’ve seen released recently and clearly one that will suit the needs or all the Sims Social players out there!

However, a game like this one is nothing without friends to interact with and neighbors to visit so I am here to help if your real Facebook friends are not that much into The Sims Social: with this article you will be able to add more neighbors for The Sims Social!

So here is what you need to do in order to post your Facebook profile link and add more The Sims Social Neighbors:

– Log in to your Facebook account and click the Home button (in the upper right side of the screen)

– Right click your username (in the upper left corner, near your profile picture) and select “Copy link location”

– Paste that link in the comment section below, near the URL tab and also make sure you complete the other required fields

And that’s it! Now you have a chance to add a lot of new people who share your love for The Sims Social and share your passion together!


  1. Just please tell me that you are adding me for the sims social so that I know.


    ADD ME plx, playing at least twice daily and need more neighbors for more energy ;)

  3. I need more neighbours in sim social. Add me. Thanks

  4. Daily player, please add me. Thank you <3


    Add me please, i’m on every day and always help neighbours


    Add me please, i’m on every day and always there to help

  7. Hi Guys,

    I’m in a bad need of an enemy neighbor. HELP


    Add me please.
    Looking for everyday players as neighbors.

  9. Lori campagna-petrucci

    love the FB games but you always need lots of people to be able to do anything which sucks!


    I need neighbors for the sims social!! Help a sister out? =]

  11. I need neighbors. Please help.

  12. add me i play sims :)

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