When Unigamesity was launched almost one year ago, I had one great goal in mind: to turn this blog into the best place over the internet for computer game fans. That is why I have only delivered the most important news, I have highlighted the most promising games (flash, casual and indie titles too!), I have created tutorials and walkthroughs and I have wrote for countless hours for you, the Unigamesity.com visitor!

And right now, no matter if it’s your first or thousandth visit, you can help Unigamesity: you can help me reach my goal and it can be done completely free of charge for you and it will only last less than a minute. It’s your choice, of course and I beg you to ONLY do it if you indeed found this blog and its (or at least some of the) content really useful. How can yo help out?

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And these are just some of the most important ways you can help me continue my work here in the Unigamesity. It’s been a hell of a ride and I hope it will get even better now that you’ve hopped in and you’ll become a regular visitor and, most important, you gave me a helping hand. Thank you for your time and thank you for your help!

Now let’s go to the one and only University for gamers! Have fun!