The world is continuously being revolutionized by the advancements in modern technology. Take a look at brick and mortar shops, which now have online counterparts or cash payments which are no longer the fundamental mode of payment as online payment methods are now readily available. Thanks to the apps that can easily be downloaded in your mobile devices, accessed in web browsers, or installed in your computers, all these are made possible.


There are certain apps that you can access for free, and there are also those that come with a fee. But overall, did you know that software can be so expensive? Well, they sure can, and below are some of the reasons why software can come with a hefty price tag.

  • Licenses

Software licenses account for a major percentage of the price of the software. These licenses aim to regulate the distribution and use of the software, and using a software that is unlicensed may cause you trouble with the law. While you may be paying a significant amount of money in the upfront, you will save money with a licensed software in the long run. This is if you carefully scrutinize the license software agreement.

For instance, there are cases wherein a single-user license can be used across multiple devices that are owned by a single individual. If you go to website that details the license agreement of the software, you may find that the same single-user license cannot be redistributed or used by multiple people. Thus, if the software is intended for the use of several people, then it is best to explore your options and look for software packages that are suitable for multiple users. This can save you some extra bucks compared to purchasing multiple software packages with its own single-user license. The key is for you to understand the scope of the software license you are agreeing into.

It is a given that using software that is unlicensed is against the law. But apart from this, a licensed software will save you from headaches because of the following reasons:

  • Automatic updates

Not all software is created to work impeccably the first time. More often than not, beta releases and initial versions have bugs that only become apparent when utilized by actual users. Thus, from time to time, the software is updated to address these bugs. If you are using a licensed software, you won’t have to worry about this because automatic updates are pushed into your software to update it into newer versions.

  • Support

It can be frustrating to find that the software you have purchased is not working as you intended it to. Or perhaps, there is really nothing wrong with the software, but you lack the technical know-how to make it work with your device. If you have purchased a licensed software, you really don’t have to fret because you are guaranteed of a 24/7 support representative who can answer any inquiry you may have regarding the software.

  • Features

Another reason why software can be expensive is because of the features that it offers. There are some software that is full-packed with all the functionality that you may need, while there are also those that offer only the fundamentals, with a provision of being extended to suit your requirements, such as NDIS invoicing. Among the two, it is a smarter move to choose the latter, because not only will you save some cash, but you are sure that you buy only what you need. After all, you may not be able to use all the features of high-end software, unless you are a tech company.

Nevertheless, some of the features that make software expensive are usually its integration capability, allowing it to work with other systems, or installed in a wide variety of devices. Software that can be customized according to your needs can also be more expensive than those which are rigid or intended only for a specific use. Of course, you may also pay the price for an intuitive and easy to use software solution.

Final Word

Software can become so expensive because of the standard licenses that go with it. A licensed software guarantees that it is automatically updated as necessary and that you get the support you require when you need it. Aside from the licenses, software that offers more functionality and features tend to be more expensive too. Rest assured that in the end, you get your money’s worth with all that you can do with the software that you have purchased.