If you are just about to start your sports gambling adventure, it’s good to take it easy with a difficulty level. Gambling industry is totally unpredictable with its possibility of making a profit. Don’t throw yourself into a deep end and start from the sports you are more likely to win.

Billions of people watch sports regularly, no wonder they want to heat up the atmosphere of the match with some sports gambling. It hypes up the audience and changes the quality of the game. According to SportsBet, among all gambling types, sports betting ranks really high with its popularity and ease of staking money. There are some types of sports that can highly increase your chances of success. Below we pointed out the easiest sports to bet on.


Undoubtedly football is the most popular sport in the whole world and one of the easiest to bet on. Football gambling covers 70% of all the sports bettings. Why is it so easy to bet? If you have a big knowledge of teams, players, leagues, divisions etc. there is a really high chance that you will win some of your bettings. Besides, by knowing the history, relations and the way teams play, you can easily estimate certain situations that may happen during the match and make a profit of it.


What is so simple about betting on tennis is the fact that there are just two players on the court. It makes it so much easier to put your money just for one single person especially if the people taking part in the game are for example Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer. Such legends are much less likely to lose any set. If you follow the odds and know the best players well, staking money on tennis may appear to be a really profitable investment for you.


Just take a short look at any special boxer’s performance and you will see that

wagering on boxing matches is easy. As I mentioned before in the tennis category, here as well you have just two players and no possibility of a draw. There are also some top boxers that have much bigger chances to win. The round lasts around three minutes and you have from ten to twelve rounds in the whole game. Imagine how many possibilities you have to bet on. Moreover, the odds of the game are posted weeks before an event so you know what to expect from the very beginning.


Mixed martial arts (MMA) are one of the fastest-growing sports these days. The popularity comes from the spectacularity of the show. Fighters present a number of different skills, fighting techniques, dodges and perfectly targeted blows and make the performance really exciting to watch. Again, why is it so easy to bet on MMA sports?  The reasons are really similar to boxing. The fight takes part between only two fighters. If you spend enough time watching MMA and following this industry, you have pretty high chances to succeed with your betting.

Horse racing

Horse racing is definitely considered as the most sophisticated of all sports. Each year it brings many enthusiasts to put a big amount of money on betting. The race tracks are always filled with an audience supporting the chosen animal. Betting in this category is a pure pleasure with easy deposits and withdrawals, live bettings and competitive odds. If you don’t have experience and just start digging into this sport, your first bettings may be very hard. Horse races are indeed really unpredictable. As soon as you learn more about it and feel confident and familiar with this sport, predicting profitable outcomes will become much easier for you.


Last but not least, darts. This sport surprisingly gains more and more popularity. What is different about darts compared to other sports categories is that the player doesn’t have to be in excellent shape to be able to play well. Big muscles or running speed don’t play any key role in this industry. All they need is good eyesight and movement control. More time you spend watching the game, the more you know about the players and their stronger and weaker sides. Remember to follow the rankings and stay updated.

The bottom line 

These are the easiest sports to bet on. Hopefully some of them you are truly interested in. One of the most essential things to do before placing a wager is to choose the sport you know and watch on a regular basis. Being aware of all the rules, players and betting odds makes it much easier to make a good decision. Remember not to put big pressure on you. In fact, there is no such strategy or type of sport that can guarantee you a profit. Treat your betting as entertainment.