8 Top Tips for Xbox Players

Xbox Players

8 Top Tips for Xbox Players

Video games offer millions of people, young and old, a way to connect, unwind, and have fun. However, as with any internet-connected device these days, video game consoles require some attention for safety’s sake. Whether you just got your first Xbox console or are a seasoned Xbox player, here are eight top tips that will help enhance your gaming experience and keep your system secure.

Use Privacy and Security Settings

Before you dive into your next game, take a look at your system’s privacy settings. One of the best ways to ensure that your console and all your personal information are safe is to set the highest level of security and privacy settings. Keep the personal information stored in your device private as well. Professional scammers and fraudsters can extract a lot of valuable data using minor bits of personal information.

Use Family Settings

If you have young children who will be using the Xbox or teenagers who might charge a bunch of games to your account without you being aware, take advantage of Xbox family settings. In addition to protecting your account from unwanted purchases, you can opt to get reports that will fill you in on your kids’ Xbox and computer activities.

Secure Your System

Any device you use to connect to the internet can benefit from a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Use an Xbox VPN to ensure that any data sent and received on the console is encrypted and secure. The VPN also masks your IP address and can allow you to gain access to unique content outside of your country or region that you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.

Make the Most of the HDMI Port

Forget using the Xbox to watch TV – that’s so last decade. Put the console’s HDMI port to good use by connecting any other device with an HDMI-out. You can even connect a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch to broaden your gaming options or hook up a PC and get some work done.

Enable HDR

If you have an HDR-capable console, use the enhanced setting to add a whole new dimension to the games that support HDR. You’ll notice superb lighting, whiter whites, darker blacks, and colors that truly pop.

Stream on Mute

Many gaming headphones come with mics that allow players to record sounds, conversations, and interactions while they play. However, the mic situation can get pretty irritating when you have to listen to someone else’s random conversations with others who aren’t playing. Avoid these issues by creating an online party on Xbox in which you’re the only member. Then your game and voice can be broadcasted to Twitch viewers, but your teammates and enemies on Xbox won’t be able to hear you.

Install Games Faster

If you’ve ever used Xbox before, you know it takes a lot of time to install a game from the physical disc drive. You probably didn’t know that if you disconnect the console from the internet before you install the game and do the installation while the Xbox is offline, it installs super-fast.

Edit Game Clips

Sometimes you have excellent game clips that you want to share with your viewers, followers, or friends, but you want to do some editing before you share them. If that’s the case, you can edit directly from the Xbox with the Upload Studio app.

Follow the tips above to make the most of your Xbox gaming experience while keeping your system safe and secure.