When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the most repeated recommendation was for people to stay home. However, being cooped inside the house with nothing to do can turn out to be extremely boring and draining both physically and emotionally. That is why you need to find something that keeps you occupied and entertained to help you beat the blues.

Apart from working from home, there are other things you can do to keep yourself occupied. Among them is playing mobile games. These can turn out to be exhilarating and soothing to your mind, body and soul. Here are some of the most entertaining and satisfying mobile games you can play from the comfort of your home.

Endless Escape

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, you will love the Endless Escape mobile game. It follows the room escape formula, where things are confined in one space of puzzles displayed one after the other. Instead of going around looking for the four-digit keypad combinations under rugs, all you have to do is find a key and use it to unlock a door. You can then proceed to the next level. However, you need to use unusual methods to find the key.

To do so, players have to “think outside the box/ their mobile devices.” Unlike many puzzle games, you will not find the key by tapping on things. However, various clues tell you the unusual steps you need to follow.

They include things like putting your phone down, shaking it, or even disorganizing the game’s menu page. Players can also tap on some inventory items to combine them consecutively. The trick is to expand your thinking capacity whenever you face a locked door.

100 Doors

This is a brain puzzle game that requires you to open doors by solving various problems using skill, general knowledge, and logic. To ensure more people can enjoy playing 100 Doors, its developers translated it into 22 languages, and it features 144 levels of pure challenge and fun all in one package.

Its gameplay involves Mya as the main character, who plays more as a mascot. She emerges occasionally whenever you get notifications and dialogues. The first few levels are a tutorial, where you get a guide and learn the basics.

As you scale up the levels, you get into the setting of a school, exploring the schoolyard, classrooms, gym, and the basement, among other areas. Each level offers you a different challenge according to the room you are in. if you are un the Chemistry laboratory, you’ll need to solve chemistry-related reactions and formulas, while you will need mechanic skills to solve riddles in the garage and so forth.

In every room, you will have to use all the props you find and basic knowledge to proceed to the next level. Some levels are timed, and you’ll need to solve the riddles and open the door before time runs out. However, others are not and you can take your time to solve the puzzles. Whenever you get stuck, you can use hints and skips to proceed to the next level. You collect coins with each level passed, which you can use later to get more help. While some levels are easy to pass, some will require your will power, knowledge, and skill.

Online Pokie Games

Playing online pokies are another way to stay entertained while at home. Most casino games developers have designed pokies to be compatible with mobile devices. Now, you don’t have to visit a gambling establishment or have a computer to enjoy your favourite online pokies. You can enjoy playing them while social distancing and isolated at home, and still enjoy all the benefits and rewards. With titles varying from simple fruit symbols to television shows, you are in for a great time.

Angry Birds 2

If you loved playing Angry Birds 1, you will love the second version of the franchise. Whether you are using an iOS or Android mobile device, you will love this classic where you get to shoot birds at evil pigs. The game is both relaxing and challenging for both beginners and experienced players.


You don’t have to be stuck indoors with nothing entertaining to do. Try out these mobile games for an exciting time and experience.