Ever since live dealer casinos have entered our lives, the online casino experience has become enriched and so much more attractive. Within live casino sections at USA online casinos bettors can find various formats of table casino games such as Live Blackjack for US gamblers, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, as well as Live Poker variations and even dice hosted by live dealers.

Virtual gambling has many, many advantages, but the live dealer category builds on the upsides of remote gambling and enhances the joy of placing bets online through several improvements and added features. As a US player, what are the specific benefits of engaging in live casino? Here they are!

Excellent Camera Work
To be able to see all the benefits of live casino games over virtual, software-driven card games and roulette, you ought to know how live dealer casino works.

It’s quite simple, really. Through multiple cameras and advanced streaming technology, the casino provider is able to capture an actual game of blackjack, roulette or baccarat from start to finish and stream it in real-time on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile screen. And you are able to participate in the game for as many sessions or rounds as you like through added controls and in-game features.

The cameras are strategically placed at various points surrounding the table and they are programed to zoom in on important actions occurring on the table, such as shuffling the cards, dealing or throwing the ball into the roulette wheel, as well as the exact moment the wheel comes to a stop and reveals the winning number.

Through through-through cuts and transitions, you’ll be able to keep track of the game proceedings almost as you were there beside the table. What is more, the cameras all produce high-definition video and a mesmerizing visual experience.

Authentic Setting
Another essential quality of the live dealer casino games is that they are filmed at either actual land-based casino floors or in separate studios which are equipped to appear exactly like a proper casino venue. It’s not like you’ll witness a group of amateurs playing blackjack on their kitchen table – on the contrary.

You will see the games taking place on actual casino tables, with professional equipment, shoes for shuffling cards and proper card decks. The same applies for roulette. Everything is authentic, from the studio decorations to the smallest detail on the betting tables. And most importantly, the games are hosted by real life croupiers.

The dealers sitting at or standing beside live casino tables are professionals. They are qualified dealers with a friendly attitude and skills to maintain a fluent game while informing the players at the other side of the screen about every relevant step and action within the gameplay.

Interactive Environment
Most leading providers of live dealer casino games incorporate a live chat feature in their dealer-hosted live games. The point is to provide the players a social environment, without taking out the element of anonymity.

You can sit at home and play your favorite US live blackjack game and still communicate and socialize with other participants, and even with the dealer. Since the dealers are usually gorgeous and chatty young women, interacting with them while gaming adds a whole new level of pleasure to the games.

Generous Bonuses for Live Casino
A fair number of USA-oriented online casinos with live dealer games offer sizeable bonuses to their live casino customers. Whether they are first deposit bonuses where you can use the extra funds to spin the roulette wheel or regular promotions awarding you with bonuses on 21, these incentives are not to be missed. The more you make use of them, the more will casinos add them to their standard offering and further improve the live dealer section.