The upcoming Tarzan adventure for mobile devices, which should be released later this year, received today an exclusive blog and a brand new logo. Legacy Interactive Games and the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate specified the purpose of this blog, which pretends to expose the event scenes behind the development of this platform running game.

Tarzan Unleashed will incarnate the legendary character Tarzan and this time the hero’s concept is being carried into the mobile world through extraordinary journeys. Legacy Interactive Games ensures that Tarzan Unleashed will become a “thrilling endless runner title” where “players will assume the role of Tarzan through lush jungles while showcasing his trademark athletic moves like swinging and climbing”.

A simian sketch revealing the new Tarzan’s appearance has been released as well. Apparently, the hero will possess a hunting weapon to assist him in the woods.

This title will be compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.