man relaxing on the couch placing a sports bet using his laptop

Sports betting is usually done by people who are already fans: they know the game, know the odds and have been following the players and season. They’re the type of fans who can recite stats better than most, which is what makes them want to use their knowledge of any sport to make some extra cash. But serious gamblers often dabble with sports bets too. The Super Bowl is one such event that sees a mix of bettors.

Gambling and betting for most is a game of numbers. While some go with their gut, others often follow statistics to make an educated guess as to what bet can make them the biggest profits. Different sports have different statistics to be considered – like quarterback ratings, underdogs, and injuries, along with how the season has been thus far or what the history says.

Before you go all in, you need to set a budget. One of the surest ways to fail at sports betting is spending more money than you can afford. When in an intense game, it is easier to get carried away, so this can be a push to maintaining self-control.

Not only do you need to set a budget — you need to set a line and break down the budget. You can’t spend all of it on one bet. For every bet, only a small percentage of the allotted budget should be wagered, which means anything from 1-5% of the budget per bet is acceptable.

Once you have the prerequisites, knowing who and what to bet is crucial. Make sure you’ve done enough research here – start from anything from checking out stats and watching games, to calculating return on investment.

To put it simply, backing a winner in sports betting is equal parts knowledge and math. For that, your research should be divided into two streams – sports knowledge and statistics. As a fan, this is something that you will already know a lot about. While gathering information regarding sports knowledge can be simple enough for newbies too, the stats are something that can test even a long-time fan.

We are talking game lines, calculating EV and ROI, and finding great values, finding the best odds from different sportsbooks here. All of these are big factors that can shift losses to wins.

If you start understanding the math behind it all, you can have your dream profession of being a professional sports bettor. This is a dream for many sports fans – to make money from their years of dedication to their favorite sports and teams. And there are people who actually make a living off of this.

If you have always have had an affinity for math, statistics, probability, and calculations along with sports, this can be the perfect chance to play your hand at backing a winner. Understanding the game inside out is the first sure-shot way of making a huge profit.