Well, again, it’s not a big surprise to hear that Rockstar is going to publish a new Grand Theft Auto game, but we’re still excited as hell to hear the actual official confirmation of Grand Theft Auto V, which was posted by the developers on their official page where a simple splash screen stands there, showing us the name of the upcoming game.

Even though no additional details have been given by Rockstar, there’s a date under that splash screen: November 2nd, which means, most likely, that this is the date when extra details about GTAV will be revealed, via a trailer (and hopefully not just by that!)

This means that most likely Grand Theft Auto V will be announced for a 2012 launch (or, at most, an early 2013 launch, even though it would be a bit too early to announce the game), which further means that the initial rumors regarding Grand Theft Auto V’s release date during Fall 2012 were correct.

Stay tuned on Unigamesity for all the details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V!