I think that the last thing you’d connect Smurfs to would be “gangsta” and “the hood” but somehow the folks over at GamesFree.ca managed to do this and created a game with a bad a$$, muscle pumped, tattoo-filled Gangsta Smurf titled Smurphin For Brooklyn.

I don’t really know what the story is and I doubt there is one, but one thing is clear: you’re one ripe smurf and your goal is to shoot and kill (yes, that’s what you have to do!) other poor little smurfs that are running around scared – or stop to shoot back. You have to take cover and shoot and you’ll get dolla’ dolla’ bills, yo! for every poor little Smurf that you send in Heaven. There are also a bunch of upgrades to purchase in order to turn yourself into a better Gangsta Smurf and new weapons to purchase, but unfortunately the game – despite its really interesting premise – lacks the entertainment value and becomes repetitive after a few minutes. But what nice minutes these are!

If only the idea of shooting little Smurfs sounds cook to you, head over to GamesFree and play Smurphin For Brooklyn for free!