Thanks to the relaxed gambling laws in the UK, we now face a decision as to how best to indulge our gambling urges. Do we head to a land based casino for an evening of social gaming or are we best to logon to play online casino games at CasinoCruise and gamble digitally in the comfort of our own homes?

Which is the superior option? More than 40 million people headed for Las Vegas last year alone but, then again, there’s more than 100 million active online casino accounts in the UK – if the numbers don’t give a finite answer; how do we decide which is the best option in this day and age?

Looking at the options in detail seems a good place to start.

Land based casinos offer the social aspect of gambling no matter your chosen game. Sitting around a table with other gamblers whilst staff members bring your beverage of choice is a very luxurious way to spend an evening. Add in the sounds of the casino; cards shuffling, wheels turning and slot machines ringing all over the floor and you’ve got a very complete experience.

However, online casinos offer all the same games a land based casino would offer only with the benefit of bonuses and free bets to add to your stake fund. The convenience of online casinos can’t really be matched by their reality counterparts given you’re only ever a few clicks away from the casinos online.

Online casinos do offer a greater range of games and a much wider variation on each of the traditional options. Equally, there are so many online casinos to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sign up bonuses.

Land based casinos generally don’t offer bonuses and free bets but the jackpots are usually much higher thanks to less restrictive limitations. There’s usually no limit to how much you can wager or how much you can cash out in a land based casino; where the online options will restrict your withdrawals and deposits.

So it’s a choice of convenience or atmosphere when you boil the argument down to its finest details and the answer is simple. If you have a casino nearby, or cheap travel options to access, then you’ll find it difficult to sway from the land based options and if you are some distance away from a casino it would be best to invest in online casinos.

Depending on your preferences; you could easily invest in both casino options but the average gambler will probably opt for the online option thanks to its ease of access. Land based casinos are generally becoming occasion venues that are considered kitsch by most thanks to their traditional values.

Perhaps what is most enticing is the vast array of games available on online platforms, these include Marvel slots, and other movie themed games. The range of games available is quite phenomenal and users can quit e comfortably switch from playing roulette, to blackjack without the having to squeeze past people to get to the tables.

Modern or traditional; your choice. Traditional; your choice.