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In the last four years or so online gambling has increased drastically. At the end of 2016 the industry was worth a staggering $42 billion and come the end of 2020 it is estimated that it will be worth somewhere in the region of $80 billion. Below we will take a closer look at why online gambling is becoming more and more popular.

The Stigma Surrounding Gambling Has Decreased

Gambling used to be seen by the majority of people as an activity that should be shunned because it can end up destroying many lives. However, nowadays, it is safe to say that the negative connotations surrounding gambling have decreased quite dramatically. While there is no doubt that there are some people who will let their love for gambling take over their lives, it is obvious that the vast majority of gamblers are able to control themselves and just play for fun.

People have now realized that gambling is not much different from other types of entertainment. In fact, gambling gives you the chance to walk away with more money that you started with. What other types of entertainment give you that possibility? Not playing football or watching movies. Some people like to put gambling in the same category as drinking alcohol or smoking. However, if you simply gamble for enjoyment and do not spend more than you can afford, it really is no different than going to watch your favorite movie at the cinema.

When there is not as much stigma attached to something as there once was, it is obvious that it will start to become popular again. If you would like to find out more about the online gaming world, then feel free to head on over to

More Women Are Gambling Now

It used to be considered unwomanly to gamble, but it is fair to say that this is no longer the case. A study that was carried out back in 2015 showed that in the United Kingdom alone, female gamblers made up nearly 50% of the total gambling population. Now that gambling is no longer considered to be a manly pastime, more and more women are happy to gamble and the fact that they can do so from the comfort of their own homes has definitely helped the rise of online gambling.

Technological Advancements Have Clearly Helped

The improvement in technology over the course of the last ten years is the main reason why online gambling has become more and more popular. Obviously, the better technology that is available, the better the gaming experience will be. One thing that has been particularly important in the rise of online gambling has been the monumental improvement in mobile technology. Nowadays, gamblers are able to play wherever they happen to be, so long as they have an Internet connection.

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This means that whenever we are waiting for something, be it a doctor’s appointment or a flight to depart, we can pass the time by playing our favorite online games. Furthermore, the ability to gamble on the go has helped sport fans all over the world. How, you might ask? Well, let us say that your football team is winning with just ten minutes to go in the match. Conceding a late goal would be heartbreaking, so you can cover that by placing some money on the opposition to score next. If they do, you at least get some money in your pocket and if they do not then your team wins the game.

Advertisement Has Played a Huge Part

The regulations regarding advertising casinos and online gambling has been significantly relaxed and when you turn on the television there is a very slim chance that you will be able to watch something for a significant amount of time without seeing a gambling advert. The truth of the matter is that if the channel that you are watching has adverts, then you will come across at least one gambling advert over the course of a one-hour long program. In 2005, 0.5% of adverts were gambling related, and by 2012 this had increased to 4.1%. Although we are not entirely sure what the percentage is in 2020, I think that we can safely assume that it is much higher than 4.1%.

Furthermore, whenever you are watching popular sports such as soccer, you will see the names of popular bookmakers advertised on the billboards around the pitch. Then, at half-time, the broadcaster will give you the updated odds for the game that you are watching. Then the majority of the adverts that you will see during the half-time interval will be gambling adverts as well.

With all of this exposure to online gambling, it is not hard to see why online gambling has grown in popularity. There have been many campaigns by politicians to ban gambling adverts because they believe that it is not good to encourage children to gamble. Therefore, some countries, such as Spain and Finland are starting to regulate their gambling adverts. However, even if a lot of countries start to regulate gambling adverts, the number of people that start to gamble will not decrease because in today’s highly connected world, they will find out about it through some other means.