An online casino is also referred to as a virtual casino because it is a replica of the conventional land-based casino using the internet. Punters have the opportunity to play casinos anytime at their comfort, that’s the beauty of it. Added to it, online gambling enthusiasts can enjoy choosing decent online casino sites like They offer a wide variety of online casino games to choose from with hard to resist bonuses.

There are two types of Online Casino:

•    Web-based

This is also known as flash casino or no download casino because the player doesn’t have to download the software anymore. The player just has to deposit to the site and they can play the game of their choice. Its games are supported by the browser plugins such as Macromedia Flash, Java, or Macromedia Shockwave. It requires a browser to support such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera mini and it also needs a good, stable internet connection for better visual graphics and sounds.

•    Download-based

This type of online casino needs to be downloaded therefore, it usually asks for registration to be filled up. Download-based casinos don’t need browser support and runs faster and has better graphics as well as audio quality compared to Web-based casino.

Kinds of Games:

o    Virtual

This type of game is also known as a software-based casino because the outcome of the casino games depends on the Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) software therefore, the spinning of the slot machine and the roulette wheel depends upon the outcome of the PRNG. It is designed to be random, fair, and unpredictable.

o    Live Dealer

This is the complete opposite of the Virtual Casino. It copies the real land-based casino and its ambiance complete with a croupier, a camera person, and an IT. A player can place a bet live and streamed in real-time. A punter can communicate and can wager through the chatbot provided. There is also a customer representative whom the client can chat or call for more queries.

Top 6 Typical Gambling Online Games

1.    Online Poker

It is a card game played in which a player wager online in which hand (sets of five playing cards) is best according to the game and its rules. One of the edges of playing online poker is the stakes can be low as $1 to $50. It depends upon the player.

2.    Slot Machine

Considered as a fruit machine, it is a gambling machine that gives a chance to players by showing five different pictures typically fruits, and if the five-match, then the customers win. Since this is played online, PRNG is applied for a fair game.

3.    Baccarat

Online baccarat is a game that is played by two players, the banker, and the player. The client will bet on which hand is going to be nearest to number 9. A client can also place a bet on side bets like Perfect Pair. 

4.    Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino banking game and is considered the most played casino game in the world. In playing Blackjack, whether online or land-based casino, the goal is to get the sum of cards equal to 21. Now when the game begins, the player will be given two cards one face up and the other is one face down. When it is your turn to play the blackjack round, you should hit either hit, stay or fold. If you choose “hit” then you will be given another card. All you have to do is to keep on hitting until you bust or get a hand that adds up to number 21 or nearer to it. 

5.    Roulette

Roulette is a casino game wherein the players must choose to take bets either on a single number, by a group of numbers, the colors like black and red, if it’s odd or even, or how high the numbers are. To determine, in a land-based casino, a croupier will spin the wheel in one direction and then spins the ball in the opposite direction.  This type of casino game is also applied online using the PRNG.

6.    Bingo

Bingo is another game of chance wherein the players match the numbers and their cards that are printed in a different arrangement. The host or caller randomly draws a number marking the numbers called by tiles. Once the player finds the number on the card are arranged in a row, the player will call “bingo!” The same thing applies online using the random number generator.

Final insight:

Playing online casinos may not be as sophisticated compared to the land-based casino when it comes to the ambiance but it is more practical when done online and more convenient.