Esports And Virtual Sports Betting

Certainly, one of the major life lessons to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the harsh reality of how quickly things can turn on a dime. Aspects of our livelihood that previously we probably took completely for granted were snatched away from us without even a moment’s notice.

Among those initial losses were the games we love to play, watch and in certain cases, wager upon. As the pandemic initially shuttered almost every significant sports event around the globe, among those seriously inflicted were the world’s sports betting sites. How would they offer betting lines to customers when there were no sports upon which to bet? This is where eSports and virtual sports entered the picture and went viral. Betting sites recognized what those who played these games already knew. Like a good friend, they are always there for you whenever you need them.

Betting sites such as the Swedish-based ComeOn Sports already knew this to be so. No ComeOn bet review would be complete without touching on their first-class coverage of eSports betting opportunities. They are also a top site when it comes to their virtual sports offerings. 

ComeOn Sports Esports Offerings

ComeOn bet is unquestionably one of North America’s top betting sites for eSports with more than 35 leagues and tournaments for popular games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, Rainbow Six, World of WarCraft 3, and Valorant.

When it comes to wagering on eSports, odds in eSports betting are calculated based upon a number of criteria. Esports betting differs from traditional sports betting in many ways, but the main factor in which the two differ is that eSports has a constantly changing “meta”. The “meta” is, more or less, the rules of the game itself. So this means that bettors and the house have to do a lot more work to stay on top of things.

The truth is, esports bookmakers aren’t as polished and experienced as bookmakers in traditional sports. That’s good news for eSports bettors. Spend some time leading more about the various games inside an esports betting forum and it won’t be hard to out-research and out-perform the house in many cases, if you’re willing to be dedicated and disciplined enough.

A splendid example of this would be the 2018 LoL championship. South Korean teams are always considered among the favorites to win this tournament, but in 2018, defying the eSports betting touts, they didn’t even come close. In fact, there wasn’t a South Korean team that reached the semifinals. This upset made for a lot of eSports betting growth, and big winnings for those who called it right.

Encouraging Participation

One of the admirable aspects of the eSports betting available through the ComeOn website and mobile app is that they are going above and beyond to increase the popularity of the games and to educate the masses about the possibilities available through eSports wagering.

Granted, the more involvement they generate in eSports, the more lucrative these betting markets will be for ComeOn. At the same time, they recommend eSports reddits and online communities such as Dreamhack or LoLNexus to help newcomers to eSports betting gain a better grasp of how the games work, as well as to educate them on styles of play and trends to consider.

Virtual Sports Also On Rise

At ComeOn, players can place bets on virtual sports such as computer-generated soccer, ice hockey, basketball, horse racing, and greyhounds. New events start every few minutes, so you’re never far from the action.

The virtual sports games offered by ComeOn are top of the line quality. Shortly after the 2020 outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic they reached an agreement with Highlight Games to provide virtual sports games to the ComeOn site. The ​​global agreement sees Highlight supply ComeOn with its SOCCERBET, NBA Last 60, and IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship products to ComeOn’s online and mobile channels. The uniqueness of the Highlight Games line is that they are virtual sports based upon decades of archived live action sports footage.

“We are the biggest international operator in Sweden and a big player in several other markets because we always strive to offer our players an awesome experience,” ComeOn’s head of betting Lars Thomesen said in a statement. “In order to do so we want to offer a wide product portfolio with the best products available on the market.”