The online game has had a rapid expansion in terms of market shares, favored in the long run also by the focus on technological innovation. We saw the ability of the operators to follow the trends of users, who over time have gradually moved towards a massive use of mobile devices.

The evolution of online gaming: how online casinos spread

We must make a premise on this topic. Online casinos, as well as poker rooms, were born and developed in Europe and North America in the early part of the 2000s. It is actually a market, which at the underground level was already quite well known among geeks. Since we start talking about online casinos in demo mode without the possibility of winning and playing real money, already at dawn of the internet. The game is one of the physiologically closest components to the use of desktop computers and consoles. It is no coincidence that the first arcades were born and have already developed in the second half of the seventies. Among these games were born the first online slots, the first rudimentary games of poker, roulette and blackjack.

The internet boom and the first virtual casinos in the world

With the expansion of the internet and the widespread diffusion of fixed PCs and the first laptops, more than portable, transportable, the attractions of online casinos are starting to spread, first in the United States, Canada and Japan, and gradually also in Europe, with the United Kingdom acting as a preliminary test, to probe this type of market. This brings us to the boom phase of gambling, with the appearance of the many casino sites. The regulations quickly changed . While pokermania exploded in the world and in Europe, Apple launched the first model of iPhone and some types of iPods on the market, where there was the possibility to connect to the network: the era of smartphones was born.

The online gaming market today

With the spread of smartphones, online gaming has also had a natural evolution. Even before the market launch of tablets and iPads, virtual casinos began testing the first games and apps to access directly from smartphones and have a real gaming room just a click away. However, even during the last phase of evolution of online casino games, certain aspects must be taken into account that relate precisely to the use and playability via smartphone and tablet. There are in fact some users who find the desktop PC and the laptop more relaxing or better functional for example on Netbet live casino probably a wide screen helps the user having a better experience . Especially with regard to some attractions of virtual casinos such as poker, a game of skill based on the speed of execution, but also with the principles of calculating probabilities and mathematical theorems, which require a technical time, which is on average higher. Basically, some games lend themselves better to the evolution of smartphone apps, for example we think of roulette, video poker, but also card games such as baccarat or blackjack.

The current market and the offer related to smartphone gaming apps

However, the fact remains that some users continue to prefer gaming from PC and laptop, despite the fact that smartphones are now much more practical and commonly used, also for the gambling sector, as well as for online gaming.

To conclude this type of reasoning, however, it is necessary to remember how the forecast for 2019, of which we already know the partial data ranging from January to April, tells us that 66% of users prefer to use online casino games, directly from smartphone. According to experts, the maximum point will be reached by 2022, when the number of users connected from mobile devices will be 79% of users. This means that desktop users will quickly disappear and even digital casinos will have to adapt to the trend for online gaming.