The popularity of online gambling has skyrocketed in New Zealand, being one of the most lucrative Asia-Pacific regions when it comes to online casino games.

As there are just a handful of land-based casinos operating in New Zealand, it is no wonder that gambling sites stepped in to fill in the demand that was not met by traditional casinos.

As more and more people are getting into gambling in the country, the number of New Zealand Internet gambling websites has also increased. There are now a wide variety of online platforms that provide many gambling opportunities, from real money casinos to free slot websites, allowing players of legal age to try their luck at attractive wins and bonuses.

The statistics also show the Kiwis’ growing love for online gambling. From 2017 to 2018, the Department of Internal Affairs estimated that New Zealand residents spent €1.4 billion on casino games, which is €29 million more than the year before.

Slot machines or pokies, as they are locally known, have seen an increase of 2.9% in spendings, while TAB expenses went up 3.6%.

The DIA believes that this growth in betting turnover resulted from the launch of many successful marketing campaigns, such as the Spring Racing Carnival and FIFA World Cup, as well as an increase of diversity in digital channels through online betting apps and platforms.

As online casino games in New Zealand are legal only if they are from providers located outside the country, most of the gambling activity takes place on licensed offshore casinos.

But what is it about online casinos that attract people more than local pokies and traditional establishments? It probably has to do with the wide selection of games that online casinos provide, because on just one site you can play countless of slots, table games, jackpots, roulette, bingo, and more.

Many of these games are developed by top-rated online gambling software providers, which offer sublime animations and engaging gameplay. Keno or other lottery-style games are very appealing to Kiwis, seeing as a good part of their gambling money are spent on lottery options.

Video poker options and popular games, such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha, can be accessed by Kiwis from the comfort of their own home on basically any device they own. The apps allow players to easily customize their playing filters, such as game size, pot size, and they can also opt if they want to enter a tournament or a single-game play.

Football and rugby are popular sports in New Zealand and, as a result, there are many online sites that offer sports betting options, allowing players to wager not only on local teams and leagues, but also on international ones such as the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

The government of the country is now looking into providing proper regulations for the industry, as so far, there are no laws that protect users from web-based gambling frauds or losses. As such, the state’s government have announced their intent of reviewing the 2003 Gambling Act in order to update the legislation in line with the new advances in technology which have taken place in this online sector.

Online gambling presents many advantages, such as convenience, appealing bonuses, a huge selection of games, and betting options. The growing number of web-based casinos has also led to fierce competition and, to attract and keep their users, these online casinos offer attractive bonuses, more than any land-based casino could provide.

As long as offshore casinos adhere to the licensing and regulatory aspects required by their ruling government, New Zealand residents are able to play online on these establishments.