The first Chapter of the new London Challenge is now unlocked in Mafia Wars and there’s something we should talk about: the heat meter. In this article we’ll find out what the heat meter is, how it affects our gameplay, as well as tips and tricks to take advantage of the heat meter.

Let’s start with the beginning – what is the Mafia Wars London heat meter?
It is a feature that makes completing missions a bit more difficult – each time you do a London Job, your heat meter will increase and the higher the heat meter, the harder the job is to complete. However, if you sit back for a few hours, the heat meter will drop and you’ll need less to do the missions: the heat meter resets every 8 hours so you can plan your jobs quite easily knowing this information!

What does this mean? It means that when your heat meter rises, the job will cost more energy and more British passports to be completed. For example, the first mission will rise the requirements three times:

– basic mission requirements: 8 Energy, 1 passport
– moderate heat meter: 12 energy, 2 passports
– high heat meter: 16 energy, 3 passports

So it would be wise to wait as soon as the requirements increase, especially if you don’t have too many British passports and you want to complete the London Challenge. Either way, this Heat Meter certainly makes things a lot tougher for all of us!