Having a good mouse really does make an impact on your efficiency. Especially if you are using mouses that have multiple buttons, that you can map to different functions. 

If you are still part of the original gang that uses mouses with just two buttons and a scroll wheel then I guess it’s time you start looking at other options. Mouses nowadays can enhance the way in which you interface with a computer. 

Extra buttons and other sensitivity controls make it a great tool to have  in a multitude of use cases.

Logitech’s MX Master has been a gold standard when it comes to great mouses, but now they have released their new MX Master 2S series that brings in a ton of new features in the familiar form factor.

We take a look at all the improvements that the Logitech MX Master 2S brings when compared to the original Logitech MX Master.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

A good mouse always has great accuracy with the ability to have adjustable sensitivity. Both these mouses come with Dark Field Laser technology. This is a feature that was introduced to make the mouses work on glossy surfaces.

The Logitech MX Master and MX Master 2S both have this inbuilt, meaning you can use them on glass table tops as well. The only requirement is that the glass surface should be atleast 4mm thick.

When we talk about the sensitivity of the mouse we often use the DPI or Dots Per Inch as a metric. DPI refers to the amount of dots that can be placed on a line of 1 inch. 

In reality this metric reflects the amount of movement that happens on screen when the mouse is moved by an inch in real life. Higher the dpi, more the movement across the screen and less physical movement of the mouse.

The MX Master has a DPI of 1600. This is more than enough for normal use cases and can easily get the job done. The new MX Master 2S however comes with a maximum DPI of 4000. 

Having a mouse with such high DPI comes handy in pro setups where there are multiple displays. Higher sensitivity can also come in handy when working on large CAD files. 

Gaming mouses almost always advertise their high DPI and the MX Master 2S is no exception to that trend. With higher DPI you get greater sensitivity which then enhances gameplay.

Aesthetics and Feel

A mouse can be as sophisticated as you want it to be but , if it doesn’t match in feel and ergonomics then it ain’t any good. A mouse in general is a device that you’re going to use for a prolonged period of time and it’s important that it has great feel and comfort. There is however one drawback of the design on these mouses. 

If a mouse is poorly designed and in cases where such mouses are used for prolonged periods of time it can even lead to many medical complications such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. 

But it is very unlikely you will face such an issue here because every aspect of the mouses is built to provide comfort and ease of use. 

Both the MX Master and the MX Master 2S have a metallic black colour scheme and are soft to the touch.  The aesthetics fit the feel for a more gaming vibe but can nonetheless be used in office environments.


Physical Overview

Both the Logitech mouses feature a similar design scheme with two “clicky” left and right mouse buttons. Along the center sits a scroll wheel and the small square button that provides added functionality.

The Logitech MX Master weighs in at around 147g and has a broad surface area. Smaller mouses make you shift your hand position into a more claw like position making. This causes strain when used for long periods of time.

The left sides of the mouses offer a soft touch textured thumb grip. Along this side we also have another secondary scroll wheel and also a couple of narrow buttons along the side of the grip.

The mouse can be paired with 3 devices and once we flip the mouse over and take a look at its underbelly we see the switch that lets us bounce across these devices. Although, this switch mechanism is only present in the MX Master. The new variant uses another technique which we shall discuss in the next section.

There is however one drawback that these mouses have, its design is geared heavily towards right handed users. So left handed users might be able to make complete use of the mouse’s features.

Logitech MX Master 2S




The Logitech mouses provide a wide range of connectivity options. It’s best used as a wired mouse but you can also use it wirelessly via the universal USB dongle. It also connects via bluetooth 4.0 or you can have the mouse connected to the same network

Logitech Options FLOW Control

One of the biggest features that the new variat brings is the FLOW control feature. Unlike the MX Master where there was a physical switch to alternate and connect to multiple devices the MX Master 2S uses FLOW. 

FLOW allows the user to seamlessly switch across multiple devices by just swiping across on a computer screen and moving to the other screen. This provides a very natural way to switch across devices.  

The software that enables the FLOW system also has the ability to act as a file sharing hub. You can drag and drop to move content from one device to another. All of this however is possible only if all the machines are part of the same network.

You can use all of these magical features once you download the Logitech Options Software. This software unlocks a ton of features. Once you have this software installed it allows you to easily map buttons to different functions.

Not only that the Options software also gives you control over other granular features like pointer speed,scroll wheel direction, wheel sensitivity, etc.

Battery Life

Battery life is key for any mouse. If you have a mouse that makes you run for the charging cable often then you will lose all the efficiency you wanted to gain from using such a mouse.

Luckily both the MX Master and the MX Master 2S have great battery life. The MX Master gives you about 40 days of battery life and it’s newer version the MX Master 2S gives you close to 70 days of battery life.

The batteries in these mouses also charge fast, you can get upto a full day’s worth of charge in just 4 mins of charge time.

The rechargeable batteries however are not user replaceable but they should easily last you several years.

Final Thoughts

The Logitech MX Master 2S comes in as a better back for buck option then the MX Master. However, both are great mouses with multiple features that easily justify the upgrade from a regular mouse.

Both the mouses have great feel and ergonomics so prolonged use will not have any sort of side effects. Great precision on both also ensures that the mouse comes in handy in a variety of use cases.

The MX Master is a mouse suited for a more casual user  who is looking for an upgrade. If you are just looking for an upgrade from your old mouse we suggest you opt for the MX Master.

But if you are looking for a mouse which brings in additional features such as easy connect then the MX Master 2s is a great option. It fits right into pro setup with multiple screens and machines, and  easily mappable buttons. Most importantly it has features like FLOW that make it a very good choice.

These features bring more efficiency to your pro setup and hence justify the upgrade. 

So taking into account your use case if you would like to opt for the Logitech MX Master, you can check it out here or if if the Logitech MX Master 2S is better suited to your use case you can check it out here.