Different weapons been hold by different people.

Recently, you can notice that many Counter Strike: Global Offensive account owners prefer not to run another map in matchmaking. They use the in-game functionality to make a profit. To do this, they engage in trading using CSGO skins. What are these things? These are in-game items with which you can decorate weapons. They differ from each other not only in the visual component, but also in the price. It is important for the skin trader to choose the moment when the cost of a certain item will increase manifold. There may be several reasons for this, namely:

  1. The number of skins available for purchase. Naturally, the more in-game items with a certain pattern are on the market, the cheaper they will be compared to weapons of approximately the same quality, but with less choice.
  2. Active use of the skin by professional players. You can be sure that if Na`Vi, Vitality or Astralis leaders actively use a certain skin, the desire to buy it from a regular user will increase.
  3. Unique design. Naturally, the main factor influencing the final price of the item is the design depicted on the weapon. Many players have heard of the AWP: Dragon Lore, which cost over 10 thousand USD.
  4. Popularity of the weapon itself. You need to understand that shotguns are not very popular among users, and therefore any skin on this type of weapon will be cheaper than on M4A1-S, Desert Eagle or AWP. Even if you buy a shotgun with an attractive image, you are unlikely to use it often in matchmaking, or running the game on FaceIt.

Of course, if a player expects to make a steady profit, it is important for him to pay attention to these factors. Otherwise, it will not be possible to count on real money. 

Where is the best place to sell skins

Many newcomers who have only recently downloaded Counter Strike: Global Offensive are unlikely to know about the existence of special sites for selling in-game items. They, as a rule, use the Steam trading platform to perform such an operation. However, experienced gamers with significant experience in trading choose third-party sites. Why do they make such a choice? There are several obvious reasons, namely:

  1. It is possible to withdraw money for selling an in-game item. The main problem with Steam is that the profit made by selling the skin will be available to the user exclusively to buy new games. In turn, on special sites, real withdrawal to a bank card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency is available.
  2. Often there are bonus offers through which you can buy an expensive skin at a significant discount. Consequently, the user has only to monitor the information that is published on the site, so as not to miss the announcement of a new promotional offer.
  3. The choice is not worse than on the Steam trading platform. Of course, it is unlikely that the skins will be available in the same amount, but the choice is identical.
A weapon with patterened skin.

Is it worth getting hung up solely on skins? If the user will be buying dozens of in-game items every day, it is unlikely that he will make a profit on their further sale. The fact is that users do not always have access to offers that are really profitable in the context of trading. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to detail in order to get not only the aesthetic pleasure of using the skin in the game, but also the money from its sale. It takes several hours a week to analyze current trends in CS:GO.