We are living in the age of mobile media. Smartphone and tablet alike, the options are truly endless for browsing the internet, watching movies, chatting and sharing pictures and other data with friends and of course, playing casino games.

Even with the recent decline in sold products, Apple is still the number one brand in the world for mobile devices. Their iPhone and iPad portfolio still hold the highest quality and offer the widest variety of functionality and apps. Speaking of apps, their gaming portion has been booming for the past several years. While you won’t find any apps for cash on the App Store, due to Apple’s policy not to allow for real money gambling, there is indeed a plethora of varied gaming apps that you can download and play on your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to check out Mobile Casino Kings for their excellent portfolio of games and native support for Apple devices. Now then, on to the topic at hand!

Depending on your preference, gaming on an Apple mobile device can be dictated on several key factors – whether you don’t mind a smaller screen for playing session, whether you are constantly on the move and have to rely on having your tablet with you, as well as having greater processing power, multiplayer experience and battery life. There’s also the question of cost which further differentiate what device you should get when planning on some quality game time.

First things first – an obvious advantage iPad tablets carry over any iPhone (well, except the 6Plus version, though the 10″ ones still triumph) is the screen size. With 10″ and 8″ to work with respectively, you get a far better view during the game play experience. A larger screen means the graphics will be presented in a more detailed way, plus all the information will be accessible on screen, without the need to use additional touch movements to check wagers, read bonus requirements and so on. Some players however, might fancy a more “scaled-down” version of mobile gaming apps, and for this type of play we recommend using a smartphone instead.

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On the subject of having your gaming companion on you at all times, it is quite more difficult to be carrying around a 10″ tablet rather than a phone that fits nicely in your pocket. Here iPhones have a bigger advantage, since you won’t be using the smartphone only for gaming but as everything else as well. If you handle work however on your iPad and you have it on you at all times then, naturally, it may prove to be a perfect fit.

Another point towards the use of iPads for gaming is the fact that they own greater graphics and CPU power. The line has somewhat been blurred lately, with latest iteration of the iPhone being nearly as powerful as their iPad counterparts. So, apart from the larger screen, you won’t be getting that much of a headway if you choose to go with a tablet over a smartphone.

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In terms of battery life, tablets do hold an advantage when gaming is concerned – they have a bigger battery and “tire” slowly than say iPhones. However, due to their bigger screen size and also, if we factor in 4G internet connection, the gap between the two in terms of battery usage is indeed not so big to be noticeable.
Overall, it all boils down to personal preference really. If you don’t mind lugging with you a tablet and you prefer the bigger screen for a more enjoyable gaming experience – shoot for an iPad. Otherwise, an iPhone is all you need.