If you know anything about online casinos, then you know that they hugely implement the bonus model to draw in new players and to retain the existing ones like the William Hill bonus offer. Promotions, tournaments, and bonuses are a huge part of the online casino business model.

Most common and the most used bonus offers are usually the welcome bonus. This is a signup bonus that new players get just for registering. You then also have a refer-a-friend bonus like any other business. It’s a good source of affiliate model on an individual level if you have a lot of people who are interested in playing.

The least used and the most uncommon bonus, though, is the cashback bonus. Why do you think it is so, people are usually drawn to cashback more than virtually existing bonuses, right?

Why Cashback is Uncommon

The popularity of cashback isn’t exactly the case in the online casino industry. The main reason is that the cashback bonus heavily relies on wagering. It is based on wagering that the player has already done, and there aren’t exactly any other additional requirements.

How Does Cashback Work?

It basically gives you a percentage back from the amount you wagered and lost within the time period that the online casino has designated. This is the most common type of cashback bonus. This bonus isn’t usually for the winners, but it is more of a second chance for the losers. The cashback percentage for most online casinos ranges from 10 to 15 percent.

That being said, the percentage will vary from casino to casino. Not only that, but even the period of time also varies depending on every individual online casino. The player gets a percentage from the total of all the losses that the player incurs in a set timeframe, but there is a limit to it as well.

Here are some of the most common conditions that online casinos apply when offering cashback bonuses:

  • When you have a timeframe for the cashback bonus promotion, then the player losing by the end of that timeframe will get a stated percentage of the amount they lost or the maximum bonus, whichever has a lower value.
  • Some online casinos have frequent cashback bonus runs, but they will have a time limitation on the losses.

Is Cashback Bonus Safe?

Once you receive the cashback, it is very straightforward. You can get the cashback sent to your bank account, or you can hold it in your casino account to wager again. It is a good way to keep the amount rolling between each play session.

Final Thoughts

While cashback is an uncommon type of bonus, it is also one of the lucrative ones for beginners. If you are trying your hand out on new games, then you might want to do so in the timeframe when the cashback bonus offer is running, so that even if you end up losing, you will be able to make some of the money back.