As I told you yesterday, the Infiltrate the Pentagon limited time mission is live in Mafia Wars and if you want to know all the details about it, you’re at the right place!

First of all, it’s worth noting that it’s not just a challenge that lasts over the weekend, but you have 8 days to complete the Infiltrate the Pentagon Mission in Mafia Wars. The challenge is structured in three tiers, like the previous ones, and first of all you need to collect different types of army suits. Here is a list of them:

– Army Uniform
– Navy Uniform (unlocks on Nov 9th)
– Air Force Uniform (unlocks on Nov 12th)

If you manage to collect enough uniforms to get the mastery level to three stars, you will receive the following rewards – but you receive same items with lower stats for less stars:

– Ranger Kukri (75 Attack, 39 Def)
– Patrol Dolphin (44 Attack, 77 Def)
– Angel’s Grace (43 Att, 78 Def)

Also, if you manage to master the Infiltrate the Pentagon mission (all three uniforms to three stars), then you will be rewarded with a really cool grand prize loot, Government Secrets (103 Attack, 132 Defense).

Good luck with this new Mafia Wars mission!