Rockstar have announced a new ‘Crew Hierarchies’ feature for their Social Club in preparation for the upcoming release of GTA V and GTA Online.

It is essentially a similar system to other games ‘Clan’ systems. The Leader of a Crew can go onto the Rockstar Social Club website and ‘rank’ their members across a selection of four tiers, allowing them to be rewarded in certain ways.

First of all are the Commissioners. The most trusted members to the Crew Leader and can manage the goings on of the crew on behalf of the Leader. They can also ‘Promote’ members of a crew and invite new members to join.

Lieutenants are there to keep the subordinate Crew Members in check; they can hand out promotions and demotions to members of the lower ranks.

The Representatives have basic options given to them, as they are able to recruit members to the Crew, in the form of the Muscle, which is the group that gets down and dirty in causing mayhem and destruction. There is no limit on the members of a crew or what role the Leader imparts on its members.

These ranks will be visible to GTA Online players through the use of a Crews colour scheme. There will be a coloured bar underneath your tag which decreases in length depending on your rank within the Crew.

The use of Gang Colours has been teased by Rockstar as having a ‘significant prominence in other places yet to be announced’. What this little hint means is anybody’s guess, be it signifying what properties you own or something else.

The system will be up and running soon, with GTA V coming out on the 17th September, with GTA Online launching on the 1st October.