Rockstar Games has finally unveiled video of its hyped Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s “a dynamic and persistent online world” for up to 16 players who can play solo or team up to pull off multiplayer crime sprees and other mission-based content.

It looks and feels like GTA, and the narrator says that this online version has a variety of redesigned mechanics as well as structured & unstructured activities. “Classic online modes” most likely mean deathmatch and capture the flag (or ho or bag of loot or whatever MacGuffin GTA feels like having). You’ll even be able to design races and deathmatches with the content creator. Though it’s not a solo endeavor as GTA Online will “constantly grow and change” as it releases new content.

But the best part of GTA Online is that when it goes live on October 1, it will be free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V. This may mean having to hang up on Saints Row IV for a bit. But if the online play is fun, those 3rd Street Saints can take care of themselves.