gordon-brownSince the games industry is becoming such a big and important piece of business, it’s no wonder to see it drawn into political battles of today. For example, The Conservative Party has recently issued a statement blaming the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown for failing the games industry. The criticism comes as the World Trade Organization failed to uphold a charge of unfair business practices against Canada (which is one of the countries who offer subsidies to the local games industry.)

“The Government’s strategy for videogames has been shown to be nothing more than a sham,” said Ed Vaizey MP, shadow videogames spokesman. “For months, whenever we have pressed the Government for action, they have used the excuse that the issue had been referred to the WTO. Now they no longer have this excuse,” he added, according to Games Industry.

He also believes that Gordon Brown’s failure to act has caused “real damage” and the Government “stands naked, bereft of a credible fiscal policy with which to support the sector”. Probably criticism is backed up by other game developers based in the UK, who kept asking for financial aid in order to help this blooming industry. The answer was “No” and now everything finally backs up at the Prime Minister. I’m curious to see if this will change things around.