We have all heard the stories. The stories of guys and girls making hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in online gambling games such as poker, or in casinos. The rags to riches, and the success stories. But is this possible to the ordinary “Joe Soap” punter? Is it luck, is there some skill involved, and what are the odds of you walking away with your own million dollar fortune?

Poker & Real Winnings:

Some of the bigger names in the Poker world started out playing poker online for money, before heading out to the real world to play in million dollar tournaments. And some of these players had a fortune made before ever heading out, all from just playing online. Annette Obrestad from Norway even won $1 million in online gambling sites, without ever depositing a single cent of her own. So it seems, the Casino and online poker games are the real deal when it comes to potential winnings.

Beginners Luck, or the Sign of Skill:

So, is it possible to enter these sites, with just a very basic knowledge, and win big? Possibly. It is not entirely unheard of for novice players to win big, but the odds of this are greater when it comes to games of luck, like Roulette. There is a slim chance in games such as poker, but it would be recommended to try and learn some of the intricacies of the game. Resources like APNET can help you to improve your game, which in turn, improves your chances. Even a slight improvement in the understanding of this game can increase your chances of winning big.

What Are The Best Games?

If it is poker you are looking to play, then there is no shortage of online games for you to play. Reputable sites such as 888 Poker are a fantastic place for the novice to start out at. Some sites offer you the opportunity to play practice games, or for a few cents to allow you to find your feet and get used to the way things work. If you prefer to have a variety of different games like slots etc, then the Guts Casino comes very highly rated, and have some great introductory offers that should not be overlooked. So, if you wanted to try your hand at roulette, virtual one armed bandit, baccarat or virtually every other casino game you could ever want to play, then this is your source.

Odds of a Big Win:

They say a little knowledge is a good thing to have. Armed with the knowledge that a big win is possible, but odds are, not very possible, you will be able to enjoy your games a little more. Sure, the big wins do happen every day. But the odds of this are always quite big. With poker, arming yourself with a little prior practice and know how can help to reduce these odds down, giving you a better change at that big win.