A new limited time quest has just been released by Zynga in FrontierVille, the It’s Chicken Round Up Time. Read on to find out all the details about this new quest, as well as tips on how to complete it faster (or at least be prepared for it once you accept it).

First of all, here are the requirements for the FrontierVille It’s Chicken Round Up Time quest:

– Sell 50 adult chickens
– Collect 12 Shipping Labels
– Collect 10 Pairs of Hip Boots

The hardest to get (unless you have a chicken farm) is the 50 adult chicken selling things, even though in theory you only need about 3 hours to grow a chicken from baby stage to adult stage (11 total feeding needed).

However, once you have the adult chickens ready (or almost ready), you can accept the quest which must be completed in 3 days. Enough time to ask for the Shipping Labels from your neighbors, as well as the Pairs of Hip Boosts. Once completed, the quest will reward you with a cool new decoration: Rabbit Rotisserie.

Good luck completing the It’s Chicken Round Up Time in FrontierVille!