Eternal Saga is the new browser fantasy free-to-play game from 4399 Studios and Reality Squared Games (R2Games) and the alpha testing phase is opening today. Players should be able to log in and play through their online platform. The game appears to be another standard MMORPG online, where players can pick one of three classes and explore a vast world infested by demons, as R2Games stated:

In Eternal Saga you fight to save a world struggling against a demon invasion. Along your journey, you’ll build a unique and powerful skill-set, partake in epic guild battles, and raise pets to fight by your side. It’s an MMORPG that runs entirely from your web browser, and is completely free to play.

Hunter, mage or warrior, those are the three class possibilities in Eternal Saga. Each character can be extensively customized with powerful gear including clothes, googles, wings and weapons. Gear can be enchanted with precious gems in order to increase its efficiency. The world of Eternal Saga has an infinite number of enigmatic places to explore, forests, tundras, caves and mountains. To make the whole journey easier, players can count with the support of urso pets and several mounts. Completing dungeons, fighting other players, gathering guild fame and unlocking special titles are part of the many available activities present in this title. Eternal Saga will have an online shop that allows players to purchase special and unique items, like animal paw prints and speech bubbles.