There are not many games like The Sims Social on Facebook… Actually, there are not many games like The Sims in the world and it should be sooner rather than later when some company decides to give it a try with the life simulation genre, especially since The Sims Social proved to be social.

Strangely, the first company to do a similar game is not Zynga known to build something similar to any game that’s successful, but instead it’s Digital Chocolate who just released New In Town, their new social game on Facebook that, as I said, is similar in concept with The Sims Social even though it’s different enough not to be considered a copy.

There are some really interesting concepts New In Town comes with, including the starter premise: you’re a young college graduate that moves to the Big City and has to make up his or her life anew.

You will get missions to complete, you will have to get a job and go to job, interact with people and, of course, build your house to your liking. The premise, as you can see, seems similar to what The Sims does, but there are some other gameplay elements that make Digital Chocolate’s New In Town a little bit different.

We’re working on a full review of this great new game and until it’s out, make sure you check out the game on Facebook: click here to play New In Town!