This cool action-adventure survival horror game was developed by SIE Bend studio for PS4 and was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s set in motion in a post-apocalyptic era, meant to be both exciting and thrilling. Sometimes having an edge to help you with your gaming experience isn’t a bad thing. Below you will find some of the cool helpful secrets and tips that would help you get ahead in the game.

Civilization has broken down

The game has only a single-player gaming mode, meaning you’re all alone in this nightmare. So there’s no point following the rules in this apocalyptic world; there are some cool days gone ps4 cheats that you can get while playing. From location guides to unlockables, there are always tricks that you can find or do to give you that extra push to win and have fun.

Neat tips and tricks

Your Map:

The map is very tricky in this game, it can be very difficult to pinpoint a location or find an important blue question mark to check out. But when you’re on your bike, it works fine and the points of interests don’t disappear. It’s very handy to explore and check out the map when you’re on your bike.


Speaking of your bike, you’re going to run out of gas a lot while traveling in this game. Try your best to stop by the gas stations on your way and top up your fuel, we don’t want you in a bad situation and getting yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Loot Everything:

In every game, looting takes time and is sometimes skipped because of it being a hassle to some players. But did you know that you can instantly loot bodies if you run over them with your bike, cool isn’t it? Save time and effort and loot all you want.

Ammo Supply:

In this dangerous world, there’s always going to be Freakers or rabid dogs trying to attack you. Shooting them down all the time can take a hefty toll on your bullets, you’d find yourself running low on ammo a lot. Always be on the lookout for abandoned police cars as they will always have ammo in them every time. So on the open road, you’d know what to loot first to reload your weapons.

Got to stay quiet:

It is cool to use your guns, but it can be very counterproductive at some point. Guns make loud noises, which means it will attract more Freakers to your location and it might get too ugly for you to handle. So save those bullets for the difficult fights, and use your bat or any melee weapon instead to kill one or two enemies in your sight. Stealth and finesse are key.

Freakers Got the Good Stuff:

Almost every nest you burn down has something good to salvage, the only downside is that you have to wait for the fires to die down. It’s really worth it to stick around and loot the remains of those burned nests, you’ll find useful and helpful materials that will help you in the long run. Just make sure to always watch your back while waiting.

Pick your Battles and Stock Up:

The game has an amazing morning and night system, so use this to your advantage. During night time, things will be less noticeable and fights will be longer and harder with large numbers against you, but in the morning, it can be better and manageable. Also, don’t be afraid to spend some credits early on, it’s cool to save but it’s smarter to be prepared for anything. Nights can be very unpredictable, so you got to have everything you need.

Rise Up In these Tough Times

In a dangerous world like this, it’s always good to be prepared and know the ins and outs of your surroundings. Get into the right mindset and believe that you’re really Deacon Lee and you don’t want to fail or die. Survive and show everyone who’s boss.