As I was telling you in the previous post about the Cafe World Valentines Day missions, Zynga has decided to throw a pretty big celebration in our favorite game with Valentines Day approaching and they have kicked off an event that lasts for the next 8 days with tons of rewards.

The idea behind this event is that Amelia is preparing dinners for her favorite customers on that special day for lovers and it’s our quest to help her (see the missions). As a reward for doing that, we will receive Red Hearts and Golden Hearts that we will later be allowed to spend in the Valentines gift shop to claim some really cool prizes.

We can also get more hearts from our friends as a gift in the form of a Valentines Card and we can also pick daily a chocolate from a box of chocolates from mysterious rewards. So we can say that this Valentines Event is one of the best events released in recent times in Cafe World and shows that Zynga finally started to invest a bit more time and creativity in our favorite game.

I am sure you are curious to find out the rewards that you can get for trading in the Red Hearts and Golden Hearts, so check out the images from the Gift Shop for all the requirements:

Don’t forget to do your best and get as many as these goodies as possible as the Cafe World Valentines Day 2012 event will end in 8 days!