halloween-gaming-pumpkins80Halloween is coming fast and you should probably start working on those pumpkins if you want to have something as amazing as the game-based Halloween pumpkins you can see below created by an incredibly gifted DeviantArt user.

You can admire below an uber-cool Unreal Tournament pumpkin that seems to scream in the dark “M-M-M-MONSTER KILL”. As awesome are the Fallout Vault Boy Halloween pumpkin, the Manny Calavera pumpkin and a funny Sam and Max pumpkin. Really, it’s almost too hard to believe that they’re for real (but they are!).

In order to look at even more amazing game-based Halloween pumpkins check out this page (click the link) and type your words of appreciation for the designer – it certainly isn’t the easiest way to design such amazing works of art (that’s what they are in the end, right?).

I don’t know if *ceemdee (the creator of the Halloween pumpkins) would sell any of his/her creations, but I’m sure you’ll find out for yourself. Until then, as I was saying, check out some just some of the amazing Halloween pumpkins for gamers:



  1. Really amazing, a work of art out of pumpkin but I bet you’ll be more amaze if you see the world of warcraft pumpkin entries. ceemdee have a talent so it’d be better if he joins that contest.


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