In the year 2019, gambling evolved in a way that people find hard to believe. If in the past, you needed to go to the local casino to gamble – right now you can do this from your desk.

But the problem is – you need to learn how to bet real money online casino properly. The industry as big as it is, have a few casinos that are risky to play on and might disappear or deny your claim to a jackpot because there was a ‘’system error’’.

Here are a few things that you need to do before putting your money on a casino:

Search for Reviews

Gamblers like to say their opinion about the casinos that they’re playing on. If a casino scammed someone, be sure their reputation will be hurt as people will leave a negative feedback to that one.

There are websites created especially for this, to review casinos undercover and express their opinion about the experience that they had there. If you see a casino with a lot of negative feedback – you could probably avoid it to save you time and money.

Check their company

Every gambling casino that has a good reputation will put their company details on the website. Search for information about it and see where are they registered, if they have any issues and since when they are established.

This way, you’d see if you’re dealing with a strong company with experience or one that can go bankrupt if someone luckily hit a massive jackpot. But if you see that everything is legit on their side, then it probably is and you can consider depositing funds there.

Dont use VPNs

If your country doesn’t allow you to gamble on a certain website, don’t use VPNs. You’re most likely to get banned and your funds could be blocked for a certain period – or worse, confiscated.

VPNs are not accepted by online casinos because they might get in trouble with certain authorities if they allow people to play from restricted countries. And they don’t want to have that, that’s why its better not to use one except for probably playing with play money.

Don’t deposit more than you can afford to lose

Gambling is fun, but it might transform into an addiction fast if you deposit a lot of money with the idea of multiplying it. That’s why our top recommendation is to deposit only the amount of money that you can afford to lose.

Don’t go all in with your life savings on a slot game, roulette or something else. This is the first mistake that a rookie does and it can backfire pretty quick. Deposit 1-5% of your salary per month and you probably won’t have any issues.

Search for the best bonuses

Each casino has special bonuses for their players. They want their users to have the best experience so they could deposit more. That’s why you’d see offers like “ Deposit x and get up to 100% bonus”.

This way, their customers could gamble more and they’d choose that casino in favor of another one. Search for the best bonuses casinos, don’t go with a casinos that doesn’t have a nice deposit bonus because you’d probably won’t have such a great experience.


These are a few of the factors that you need to take into consideration before choosing an online casino. We hope that our small list will make your gambling experience better.